About Us


National Board


President Mr. Nathan Reeves
Vice President Dr. Kade Davison

Directors – TBA May 2014

Exercise physiology
Sports science
Research & academia
Risk & operations
Exercise science
Continuing education

National Office

Executive Officer Anita Hobson-Powell
PA to the Executive Officer Rachel Collins 
Office Manager Belinda Burke
Industry Development Manager Louise Czosnek
Industry Development Officer Ian Gillam
Industry Development Officer Katie Williams
Standards and Compliance Officer Janette Frazer-Allen
NUCAP Manager Rachel Holmes
Marketing and Communications Manager Zoe Bickerstaffe
Marketing and Communications Officer Melanie Newton
Marketing and Communications Coordinator Katherine Ryan
Professional Development Officer Sarah Hall
Membership Officer Narelle O’Loughlin
Membership Services Officer Renee Fitzgerald
Assessor Nardine Presland
Assessor Carly Ryan
Assessor Melissa Creed
Assessor Jodi Almond
Project Officer HEAL Sharon Hetherington
Project Officer Exercise is Medicine Australia Jennifer Alencar
Administration Officer Ashlee Cannon
Administration Officer Amy Sparks
Receptionist Rousharne Jenner

State chapter chairs

The objectives or purposes for which the Chapter is established is to:

  1. promote the objectives and initiatives of ESSA at a regional level;
  2. to provide the regions with a voice for the members of that region;
  3. to foster collaboration with clinicians and other persons and organisations to further or advance knowledge in the fields of work of members of the Association;
  4. to provide local training and educational opportunities for members in the region, and
  5. to liaise and educate state governments and other interested state based parties on the roles and activities of the members of the Association

Queensland (QLD)

Chair Beth Sheehan

New South Wales (NSW)

Chair Andrew Boyle
Secretary Jerrad Borodzicz

Victoria (VIC)

Chair Vanessa Rice
Vice Chair TBA
Secretary Lyndall McNeil

South Australia (SA)

Chair David Bentley
Secretary Jessica Northcott

Western Australia (WA)

Chair David Beard
Secretary Jessica Colliver

Tasmania (TAS)

Chair Cecilia Shing
Secretary Sibella King

If you are unable to contact your state representative, please contact the national office at