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Media Release – World Osteoporosis Day, 20 October 2012

15th October 2012


Brittle bones needn’t be a fact of life

World Osteoporosis Day – 20 October

It’s a fact – 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men over 60 years will have an osteoporotic fracture in Australia.

According to Osteoporosis Australia, every 5-6 minutes, someone is admitted to an Australian hospital with an osteoporotic fracture which is expected to rise to every 3-4 minutes by the year 2021.

Osteoporosis is the silent epidemic that affects such significant numbers in our community and yet many are not aware that by simply getting more active, we can reduce the risks.

Anita Hobson-Powell, Executive Officer of Exercise & Sports Science Australia says research shows that bones and muscles are intricately linked and they work together to achieve the motion required in everyday lives.

“That’s the difference between what a cheetah can achieve as opposed to a caterpillar which doesn’t have the skeleton to convert muscle power to directional motion.  One without the other is useless,” said Anita Hobson-Powell, Executive Officer of Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA).

“As our muscles get bigger and more powerful, our bones also get heavier and stronger so they are not overpowered.   This is good news as while many think strengthening your bones is only about diet, they are not aware that you can also strengthen your bones by doing more exercise.” 

“We hear incredible success stories from our accredited exercise physiologists across Australia about how clients have managed to significantly improve bone strength and density thanks to a consistent exercise program.  Exercise is the medicine Australians should be getting a good dose of to ward off the impacts of osteoporosis.”

Associate Professor Belinda Beck from Griffith University says lifelong exercise is especially important in the prevention of osteoporosis, however, exercise recommendations differ according to existing skeletal strength. read more…

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