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Building courses of excellence in exercise and sports science.

The National University Course Accreditation Program (NUCAP) provides universities with a framework to build courses of excellence in exercise and sports science, while aligning graduates with industry knowledge and requirements.


NUCAP Consultancy Service

NUCAP consultancy service

NUCAP offers a consultancy service to all academic units with existing or planned exercise and sport science courses. This service is offered at a rate of $150 per hour (incl GST) (minimum charge $300 incl GST) and can be used when an academic unit requires assistance from NUCAP which extends beyond a general enquiry. As a general guide this is generally work that would take a member of the NUCAP executive (normally the NUCAP manager) greater than one hour to complete and is dependent on the nature of the work.

If the academic unit would like to meet with a member/s of the executive face to face, the academic unit would be required to cover all reasonable costs associated with the meeting in addition to the hourly consultancy rate.  It is expected that when interstate travel is considered necessary, a face to face meeting would only be requested when the duration of the meeting is anticipated to be greater than two hours.