For Universities

Building courses of excellence in exercise and sports science.

The National University Course Accreditation Program (NUCAP) provides universities with a framework to build courses of excellence in exercise and sports science, while aligning graduates with industry knowledge and requirements.


Apply for NUCAP accreditation

How to apply

  1. An application form for NUCAP Application Pack (Full Accreditation) is completed by the applying university academic unit.
  2. The completed application form and supporting documentation is submitted to the NUCAP manager for processing as outlined in the NUCAP guidelines.
    • Applications for full course accreditation will be accepted on the 31 January and 31 July of each calendar year.

Need help with your application?

ESSA offers consulting services to all academic units who have existing or planned exercise and sports science courses they wish to accredit.

Request assistance

NUCAP offers a consultancy service to all academic units with existing or planned exercise and sport science courses