For Universities

Building courses of excellence in exercise and sports science.

The National University Course Accreditation Program (NUCAP) provides universities with a framework to build courses of excellence in exercise and sports science, while aligning graduates with industry knowledge and requirements.


University Liaison Network

Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) established the University Liasion Network (ULN), to ensure that there is consistent communication with each of the university programs, ESSA has adopted a formal university liaison position (integrated within other roles) at each university with an exercise or sports science degree. These positions will ensure that all universities have:

  • The opportunity to contribute to the work of ESSA (e.g. the development of expert reports and position statements);
  • Knowledge of, and willingness to participate in ESSA sponsored events and awards (e.g. student prizes and research grants);
  • Network of university liaisons will be well placed to work with each other and with ESSA, providing opportunities for collaborative responses to common challenges such as curriculum design and practicum supervision; and
  • Students at all universities are provided with consistent information about professional requirements, and the same opportunities to benefit from the services and extra-curricula training offered through ESSA.


Resources and Factsheets


For more information contact Nardine Presland  or call the national office on (07) 3862 4122.