The Comcare scheme covers employees of:

  • Commonwealth Government agencies and statutory authorities (excluding Australian Defence Force);
  • ACT Government and its agencies; and
  • Self-insured corporations.

Comcare is both the regulator and the insurer.

How do I register?

To be eligible to see a client through Comcare you need to hold current AEP accreditation with ESSA.

You do not need to register directly with Comcare.

What services can I provide?

Exercise Physiology Treatment Services

AEPs can provide individual exercise physiology (i.e. clinical) treatment services to help a worker recover following a workplace injury on referral from a GP or insurance case manager.

AEPs should contact the case manager before providing services.

Workplace Rehabilitation Providers

Workplace rehabilitation providers are organisations accredited to deliver workplace rehabilitation services to help injured workers return to work. They have employees (e.g. AEPs) who have the qualifications, experience and expertise appropriate to provide timely intervention, with services based on the assessed need of the worker and the workplace.

What do I charge, and how do I bill?

Services are paid for by Comcare.

There is no gazetted fee schedule for service. Other workers compensation fee schedules may provide an idea of appropriate fees.

AEPs should obtain approval for their services and fees through the claims service office.

What else do I need to know?

Comcare has endorsed the Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services.

Allied health providers can't provide medical certificates to certify workers as fit or unfit to work.

Comcare have created a physiotherapy policy - this includes guidelines that are best practice for AEPs around acceptable services and invoicing.

Who do I contact with questions?

Comcare: Case manager or Comcare general contacts.



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Updated May 2023