Getting your Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual (HPI-I) 

As a member of Exercise & Sports Science Australia you are eligible to register with the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service and get an HPI-I.

Why register with the HI Service to get an HPI-I?

Better access to patient health information through My Health Record

Once you have an HPI-I, you can register for My Health Record as a healthcare provider.

My Health Record is designed to give you better access to healthcare information to support you in caring for your patients. More than 30% of healthcare providers currently using My Health Record said it helped them avoid ordering unnecessary pathology or diagnostic imaging tests, and 25% said it helped them stop a patient from taking unnecessary medicine. (Results from more than 200 providers surveyed.)

When seeing a patient for the first time, you can view their health information in their shared health summary. This can include chronic conditions, their current medicines, and their allergies and adverse drug reactions. You can also see their pathology and diagnostic imaging results and other key health information.

Find out more about My Health Record for allied health professionals.

Once you have an HPI-I, you can access My Health Record through the National Provider Portal, or via your clinical information system, if your organisation has conformant clinical software.

Be found via the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD)

As part of the registration process, you can opt-in to be listed in the HPD. This will let authorised healthcare providers find your contact details and communicate with you, such as by sending you referrals and other health documents. You can have an entry for each health profession you practice.

Find out more about the Healthcare Provider Directory

Details of the new application process

The new Healthcare Identifiers Service application process lets you:

  • register for your healthcare provider identifier (HPI-I)
  • add a new allied health profession to your existing HPI-I
  • provide evidence of ongoing professional association membership to your existing HPI-I.

Register for your healthcare provider identifier individual (HPI-I) if you don't already have one

Getting your HPI-I is the first step in being able to access information in your patients’ My Health Records.

Important: If you are registered in the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), you will already have an HPI-I. Contact AHPRA to get your HPI-I or log in to the AHPRA website. If you know your AHPRA User ID, simply add 800361 to the front of the ID to get your HPI-I.

Add a new allied health profession to your existing details

Adding health professions can help if you choose to have an entry in the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD). Other healthcare providers with an HPD entry will be able to see your professions.

Make sure your HPI-I stays active by providing evidence of your ongoing membership with ESSA.

Your HPI-I is automatically deactivated on the last day of your existing professional association membership, based on the evidence you provided. Services Australia sends out reminders 6 weeks before the expiry day, so you have time to provide evidence of your ongoing membership so that your HPI-I isn’t deactivated.

If you are a member of more than one professional association, Services Australia will send you a reminder for each. Your HPI-I won't be deactivated until the most future end date of membership recorded with Services Australia is reached.

Before you begin

Make sure you have:

  • Your Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account details. These will be used to pre-populate your application where possible. If you don’t have a PRODA account, register here.
  • Your professional membership number found in "My Account"
  • Your certificate of membership with ESSA in electronic format (multiple file types are allowed, including photos) to upload as part of your application. [This must show the start and end dates you are financially covered for.]

Complete the online application

To apply:

  • Log on to your PRODA account and select Go to Service on the HPOS tile.
  • In HPOS, select My programs and then select the My Health Record and Healthcare Identifiers tile.
  • Select the Healthcare Identifiers – Register Allied Health Professional.
  • Select the Register in the HI Service and get a HPI-I radio button, and click Apply now.
  • Select Exercise and Sports Science Australia from the drop down list and select next.  
  • Complete information about your membership, association details and the profession and select next.
  • Complete individuals details ensuring you complete required information marked with * and select next.
  • Nominate whether you want your details to be displayed in the Healthcare Provider Directory
  • Upload proof of membership evidence to the documents section.
  • Submit your application.

What happens next?

Once you have completed the online application, it will be processed by Services Australia and you will receive your HPI-I details by email in your HPOS mailbox.

Having an HPI-I is the first step in connecting to My Health Record.

Viewing your patients’ health information in My Health Record

Some healthcare organisations use conformant clinical software to access the My Health Record. If your organisation doesn’t, you can access My Health Record through the National Provider Portal (NPP).

If you work for yourself, you’re considered both an individual and an organisation. Once you have your HPI-I, you will need to get an identifier for your organisation (an HPI-O).

  1. To get an HPI-O, register your organisation as a ‘seed organisation’ via Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS), accessible via PRODA portal.

    From the HPOS ‘My programs’ tile, select the ‘Healthcare Identifiers and My Health Record’ tile.
    Select ‘Healthcare Identifiers – Register Seed Organisation’ tile, and complete the online form to register your seed organisation.

  2. Link your HPI-I to your HPI-O.

    You can do this via HPOS or by calling the My Health Record Help line (option 2) on 1800 723 471.

    Further details are available on the Services Australia page on Linking individuals and organisations

    You should then be able to access the National Provider Portal (NPP) via either:

Find out more about the healthcare identifiers and the HI Service

Key points summarised about the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD):

What is the Healthcare Provider Directory?

The Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) is an opt-in listing of healthcare organisations and providers registered with the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service. It can only be accessed by other organisations and providers listed in the HPD.

The HPD displays healthcare provider identifiers for individuals (HPI-Is) and organisations (HPI-Os). Other details can include professional contact and location details, provider type, and endpoint location service information for sending and receiving secure messages and clinical documentation using secure message delivery.

Once healthcare providers and organisations are registered with the HI Service, they can choose to be listed in the HPD and nominate which information to publish.

Why should I be listed?

If you are listed in the HPD, authorised healthcare providers can find your contact details and communicate with you, such as by sending referrals and discharge summaries.

What can I do using the HPD?

As a healthcare provider, you can use the HPD to quickly look up details of other healthcare organisations and individuals who have opted in. The HPD lets you search using an identifier (HPI-I or HPI-O) or using demographic details to display healthcare providers and organisations matching specific criteria (for example, a specialist within a certain region).

As part of a healthcare organisation, you can view network organisations linked to you in the HI Service.

You can also use the HPD to display links created between an individual provider’s HPI-I and the organisation’s HPI-O – if both the individual and the organisation have provided consent. This means you can search for an individual within an organisation.

Who can access the HPD?

Only individuals or organisations authorised to access the HI Service can access the HPD. You can access the HPD via Services Australia Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) web portal, or through practice software that has been upgraded and certified to connect to the HI Service and integrated with the HPD.