AES C.A.S.E: Semi-Professional Soccer

AES C.A.S.E: Semi-Professional Soccer

AES Collaborative Approach to the Science of Exercise: Semi-professional Soccer with Nicola Carlish

Client Goal:

To improve performance related to soccer (position specific - midfield) in semi-professional sport. Management of lower back pain, recurring bouts which impact game day availability. Wants to achieve 1 x bodyweight pull up.

Content Covered:

The collaboration of physiotherapy, exercise physiology and strength and conditioning for management and improvement of recurrent pain to then progress performance in the semi-professional sporting realm. Integration of gym-based strength activities, periodised based on season requirements (game and field-based training).

with Nicola Carlish of Movement Skills Performance Alliance, AES, AEP

I have worked as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist for over five years, and worked within the sporting environment as a Strength & Conditioning Coach / Exercise Scientist for over six years. Currently, I run my own business called Movement Skill Performance Alliance, which focuses on providing Telehealth services for individuals who lack the time to attend in-person consultations, or cannot access quality health services in their region. In addition to this space, we provide coaching services for sporting teams. I currently provide services to UQFC in FQPL2 and FQPL3 divisions of the Football Queensland competition. My role is the Head of Strength and Conditioning, which is responsible for season periodisation, field based conditioning, gym and home based strength programming, and coordination of the multi-disciplinary professionals supporting the team.


Tuesday, 7 March 2023
12:00pm - 1:30pm AEDT

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