State Chapters

The objectives or purposes for which the Chapter is established is to:

- promote the objectives and initiatives of ESSA at a regional level;
- to provide the regions with a voice for the members of that region;
- to foster collaboration with clinicians and other persons and organisations to further or advance knowledge in the fields of work of members of the Association;
- to provide local training and educational opportunities for members in the region, and
- to liaise and educate state governments and other interested state based parties on the roles and activities of the members of the Association

Queensland (QLD)

Co-Chair - Shelley Keating
Co-Chair - Vince Kelly

New South Wales (NSW)

Co-Chair - John Stevens
Co-Chair - Stephanie Frade

Victoria (VIC)

Co-Chair - Ashley Bigaran
Co-Chair Jason Gardner

South Australia (SA)

Chair - Jacinta Brinsley

Western Australia (WA)

Chair - David Beard

Tasmania (TAS)

Chair - Peter Bradley

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Co-Chair - Rebecca Cesnik
Co-Chair - Caitlin Patat