State Chapters

The objectives or purposes for which the Chapter is established is to:

- promote the objectives and initiatives of ESSA at a regional level;
- to provide the regions with a voice for the members of that region;
- to foster collaboration with clinicians and other persons and organisations to further or advance knowledge in the fields of work of members of the Association;
- to provide local training and educational opportunities for members in the region, and
- to liaise and educate state governments and other interested state based parties on the roles and activities of the members of the Association

To access ESSA State Chapter Minutes please click here.

Queensland (QLD)

Co-Chair - Shelley Keating
Co-Chair - Vince Kelly

New South Wales (NSW)

Co-Chair - John Stevens
Co-Chair - Stephanie Frade

Victoria (VIC)

Co-Chair - Ashley Bigaran
Co-Chair Jason Gardner

South Australia (SA)

Chair - Jacinta Brinsley

Western Australia (WA)

Chair - David Beard

Tasmania (TAS)

Chair - Peter Bradley

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Co-Chair - Rebecca Cesnik
Co-Chair - Caitlin Patat