Industry development – lobbying and advocacy services  ✔    ✔    ✔
 Eligibility for Medicare, DVA, Private Health Funds, workers compensation schemes and other programs etc.      ✔ (AEP only)    ✔ (AEP Only)
 Standards, ethics and disciplinary processes  ✔    ✔    ✔
 Industry representation e.g. **NASRHP, AHPA, NACA, NRHA  ✔    ✔    ✔
 Access to “Find an AEP/AES/ASp”  ✔       ✔ 
 Access to discounted Professional Development  ✔        ✔
 Access to Frequent Values™  ✔        ✔
 Access to state & special interest social media groups  ✔        ✔
 Access to professional resources and promotional downloads  ✔        ✔
 Access to EBSCO journals  ✔        ✔
 Access to latest job adverts  ✔        ✔
 Eligibility for awards (*conditions apply)  ✔        ✔
 Access to discounted insurance with Guild Insurance  ✔        ✔
 Access to free campaign marketing material  ✔        ✔
 Access to ESSA Business Network  ✔        ✔
 Access to Early Career Support Network  ✔        ✔
 Voting rights (*conditions apply)  ✔        ✔
 General member discounts  ✔        ✔
 Post-nominal (for your membership and/or accreditation category/ies only)  ESSAM    AEP, AES, ASpS, AHPM***     AEP, AES, ASpS, AHPM
 Logo use (for your membership and/or accreditation category/ies only)      AEP, AES, ASpS, AHPM Logo     AEP, AES, ASpS, AHPM Logo


*Excludes student members- separate conditions apply for student members
** NASRHP (National Alliance of Self-Regulating Health Professions) , AHPA (Allied Health Professions Australia), NACA (National Aged Care Alliance), NRHA (National Rural Health Association)
*** AEP- Accredited Exercise Physiologist, AES- Accredited Exercise Scientist, ASpS- Accredited Sports Scientist, AHPM- Accredited High Performance Manager

Please note: Membership fees and accreditation fees cover the operational costs of ESSA. If membership is not purchased, the full proportion of the operational costs are attributed to the 'accreditation only' fee and therefore a higher non-member accreditation fee applies. Please contact the ESSA office if you would like further details.