Industry development – lobbying and advocacy services  ✔    ✔    ✔
 Eligibility for Medicare, DVA, Private Health Funds, workers compensation schemes and other programs etc.      ✔ (AEP only)    ✔ (AEP Only)
 Standards, ethics and disciplinary processes  ✔    ✔    ✔
 Industry representation e.g. **NASRHP, AHPA, NACA, NRHA  ✔    ✔    ✔
 Access to “Find an AEP/AES/ASp”  ✔       ✔ 
 Access to discounted Professional Development  ✔        ✔
 Access to state social media groups  ✔        ✔
 Access to special interest groups  ✔        ✔
 Access to professional resources and promotional downloads  ✔        ✔
 Access to EBSCO journals  ✔        ✔
 Access to latest job adverts  ✔        ✔
 Eligibility for awards (*conditions apply)  ✔        ✔
 Access to discounted insurance with Guild Insurance  ✔        ✔
 Access to free campaign marketing material  ✔        ✔
 Access to ESSA Business Network  ✔        ✔
 Access to Early Career Support Network  ✔        ✔
 Voting rights (*conditions apply)  ✔        ✔
 General member discounts  ✔        ✔
 Post-nominal (for your membership and/or accreditation category/ies only)  ESSAM    AEP, AES, ASpS, AHPM***    ESSAM, AEP, AES, ASpS, AHPM
 Logo use (for your membership and/or accreditation category/ies only)  ESSAM Logo    AEP, AES, ASpS, AHPM Logo    ESSAM, AEP, AES, ASpS, AHPM Logo


*Excludes student members- separate conditions apply for student members
** NASRHP (National Alliance of Self-Regulating Health Professions) , AHPA (Allied Health Professions Australia), NACA (National Aged Care Alliance), NRHA (National Rural Health Association)
*** AEP- Accredited Exercise Physiologist, AES- Accredited Exercise Scientist, ASpS- Accredited Sports Scientist, AHPM- Accredited High Performance Manager