ESSA’s Inaugural Exercise Science Grants


ESSA are excited to announce the launch of our new Exercise Science Grants to help support the financial costs of ESSA Exercise Scientist accreditation and membership.

The grants will cover the cost of accreditation and membership for one year. A total of five (5) grants will be available for newly graduated students of exercise science degrees, and five (5) for currently practising Exercise Scientists who are not yet ESSA accredited.

Funding available

ESSA costs associated with accreditation and membership for one year.

What we will fund
The cost to become a financial member and Accredited Exercise Scientist for the period of one year from the date ESSA has processed applications* and confirms accreditation status is achieved with the grant winners.
*Accreditation applications must be received at the ESSA National Office before 30 June 2020.

What we will not fund 
Any other costs incurred from accreditation.

Application requirements
• Applications close: Monday, 9 March 2020 at 12:00pm AEST
• Decision will made by: Monday, 16 March 2020


Currently practising non-accredited Exercise Scientists

ESSA is passionate about inspiring all Australians to be healthier and more active. We know there are many professionals working in the industry that help everyday people and communities to achieve this. ESSA are offering five (5) grants to assist practising non-accredited Exercise Scientists to become Accredited Exercise Scientist members to help us achieve our goals of helping more people to become active, happier and healthier.

Application criteria
Currently practising non-accredited Exercise Scientists
Exercise Scientists working with one of ESSA’s key priority groups (as outlined in the survey)

Currently practising non-accredited Exercise Scientists: Click here to apply

Newly graduated ESSA Student members

Starting out in a new industry can provide challenges. At ESSA we recognise this and want to help those recently graduated Student members to start out in the industry. ESSA are offering five (5) grants to cover the cost of accreditation and membership for one year.

Application criteria
ESSA 2019-2020 Student members from ESSA-accredited Exercise Science courses
New graduates who currently are or are planning to work as Exercise Scientists
Students who have completed the required ESSA-accredited undergraduate degree and who are undertaking further study prior to practising as an Accredited Exercise Scientist are eligible to apply.

Newly graduated ESSA Student members: Click here to apply


Requests for further details or enquiries can be sent to Caroline Robertson, ESSA Senior Strategic Advisor at

Please note: Grants will only be distributed to persons when all accreditation requirements are met by the applicant. Unsuccessful demonstration of requirements will result in the grant being null and void. Applicants agree to be contacted by the ESSA for the purposes of promoting the grant program and promotion of the work that grant winners undertake as Exercise Scientists.