Information Technology 

How ESSA Uses and Protects Member Data  


ESSA has introduced various improvements to the security and storage of member data in response to nationwide recommendations by the Australian Cyber Security Centre to improve cyber security posture.  

We’ve migrated data to a more secure cloud location, protected by multifactor authentication and password protocols.

We have completed a rollout of a newer, even more robust security system for our operating platform to put additional limitations on who can access ESSA data.

ESSA limits access to member data internally, to ensure only staff with a work requirement will have access to sensitive information.  

ESSA only uses reputable digital service providers with Australian-based servers so members can be assured their information remains on our shores.

We don’t share any of your data with third parties except with organisations detailed in our Privacy Policy and where you have given authority to be on our “Find an Exercise and Sports Science Profession” search. Our servers are backed up daily and serviced by local cyber security and IT experts.  

In June 2023, we upgraded our professional development platform and member database to a more secure cloud-based system.

In addition, ESSA has invested in an online-based application system that will simplify individual and course accreditation applications.   

ESSA staff also play an important role in protecting our digital assets and member data. Cyber security news, including current examples of tactics like phishing scams, suspicious emails and unwanted text messages are regularly shared on discussion boards and in face-to-face meetings to further reduce our risk of exposure.  

For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

If you have concerns about your data stored with ESSA, please contact Member Services on 07 3171 3335 or via email.

Facebook Groups Reform


We’re changing our Facebook groups 

Our Facebook groups provide networking opportunities for members, focused on a particular interest or location. When first created, our membership base was much smaller, however we now represent the second fastest growing profession in Australia (insert cheer here) plus growing numbers of AES, ASpS and AHPM. We have therefore reassessed the value ESSA can provide to our members via all these groups.  

Managing and moderating our current total of 25 groups is a big task for a small marketing team and we want to ensure we can answer all questions, queries and feedback efficiently. Our focus is to have clear communication with ESSA members, informing members of the many benefits available and also, our efforts to strategically promote our professions to deliver more opportunities in the health industry.  

Last year we proposed some changes and asked for member feedback. We also analysed the data around overall engagement across each group over the past 12 months, including how they were being used and what types of posts were being shared. 

We want to make sure these groups are bringing our members the most value possible. Based on the analysis and your feedback, we will reduce the number of groups on Facebook so that ESSA can engage with, and support members effectively. 

Rather than 25 groups, there will be 14. The plan includes:  

• Introduction of the ESSA National Group, a central source of truth for all key ESSA communications, notices, online professional development. Members can submit posts relating to job advertising or other content relevant for our national audience, for approval.  
• ESSA Professional Practice group will replace all 13 special interest groups, becoming a hub of professional support and information sharing for members nationwide. Facebook’s smart group search tool will mean anyone can search for content of interest to them, for instance ‘Women’s Health’ or ‘Cancer’ or ‘Diabetes’.  
• State groups – these will remain for members to network within their home state, share content and more. If you have a legitimate reason for being part of multiple state groups, we will allow access. This would include operating a national company, moving to another state, hiring staff from interstate and so forth. ESSA will look to step back from moderating these groups to allow members to use them more freely, as long as online behaviour is in line with our social media policy.   

We understand this is a big change.  Our goal is to deliver a better level of service for you, our valued members. We have listened to feedback to deliver this change and will continue to review throughout the year. 

We look forward to directing more time and energy into supporting you, in our shared online space. 

The affected groups will close by 14 April 2023.