ESSA In-Kind Research Support

ESSA will consider requests from researchers or institutions for in-kind support for research projects that are relevant to ESSA’s research priorities and where ESSA has capacity to provide that support. In-kind support may take the form of letters of support for competitive research grants, dissemination of surveys to ESSA membership, requests to support in recruiting study participants or other in-kind contributions to research by ESSA.

Requests for in-kind support for research are overseen and evaluated by the ESSA Research Committee. Successful requests must align with ESSA research priorities and ESSA’s capacity to assist. This requires clear evidence that the data generated would be in the best interests of the profession and ESSA membership.
You will understand that ESSA is unable to accept requests for consideration where the external research deadline is less than 15 business days from submission of the request to ESSA.

Effective November 1, 2023, the In-kind research support provided by ESSA will be suspended with plans to resume in mid-January 2024. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this brief period of time. This pause allows ESSA the opportunity to enhance and streamline services, ensuring that when we recommence, we can continue providing quality research support.

Download the Guide to applying for In-Kind Research Support (PDF)      

Download the EOI for In-Kind Research Support application form (Word)   

For questions about in-kind research support, you can contact the ESSA research team at: [email protected]