Reinstating Accreditation

Taking a Leave of Absence

If you do not require your accreditation, we encourage you to place it on a formal leave of absence with ESSA.

Please complete this application form  and return to the ESSA office via email: [email protected]

You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your leave of absence request. 

Reinstating Accreditation after a Leave of Absence

Your pathway will need to be determined by your individual situation. You may be able to show evidence of recency of practice in the years preceding your re-instatement using the pathway outlined in the Recency of Practice Policy or if you can’t show recency you may need to re-instate using the pathway outlined in the Return to Practice Policy. The definition of practice is broad to reflect the depth and breadth of exercise and sports practice.

Practice is defined as ‘any role, whether remunerated or not, in which the individual uses their skills and knowledge as a practitioner in their profession. Practice includes the direct provision of services to clients, and the use of professional knowledge and/or skill in a direct clinical or non-clinical way.

This includes non-direct relationships with clients, such as working in management, administration, education, research, advisory, regulatory or policy development roles; and any other roles that impact on safe, effective delivery of exercise and sports science services.’

Please contact National Office to obtain the reinstatement form.

Contact 07 3171 3335 or [email protected].

Lapsed Longer than 5 Years – Without Recency

All professionals lapsed longer than 5 years, who cannot reinstate accreditation via the Recency of Practice pathway need to complete a return to practice program. Please contact the office.

 Updated January 2022