Reinstating Accreditation

Taking a Leave of Absence

If you do not require your accreditation, we encourage you to place it on a formal leave of absence with ESSA.

Please complete this application form  and return to the ESSA office via email:

You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your leave of absence request. 

Reinstating Accreditation after a Leave of Absence

Your pathway will need to be determined by your individual situation. You may be able to show evidence of recency of practice in the years preceding your re-instatement using the pathway outlined in the Recency of Practice Policy or if you can’t show recency you may need to re-instate using the pathway outlined in the Return to Practice Policy. The definition of practice is broad to reflect the depth and breadth of exercise and sports practice.

Practice is defined as ‘any role, whether remunerated or not, in which the individual uses their skills and knowledge as a practitioner in their profession. Practice includes the direct provision of services to clients, and the use of professional knowledge and/or skill in a direct clinical or non-clinical way.

This includes non-direct relationships with clients, such as working in management, administration, education, research, advisory, regulatory or policy development roles; and any other roles that impact on safe, effective delivery of exercise and sports science services.’

Please contact National Office to obtain the reinstatement form.

Contact 07 3171 3335 or

AEPs Lapsed Longer than 5 Years – Without Recency

All AEPs lapsed longer than 5 years, who cannot reinstate accreditation via the Recency of Practice pathway need to undertake and successfully pass the theory and practical exams in a university setting.

Please see the following link to assist you in preparing for both exams. The link provides a brief overview of the exam (including a short video of what the practical exam looks like). It also includes the link to the musculoskeletal preparation module, which is specifically designed for people undertaking the ESSA AEP exam pathway.

Theory Examination

This online examination is conducted through the University of Queensland. The theory examination consists of 75 multiple choice questions and 20 short answer responses allocated to a time limit of three hours. 

Candidates are permitted a maximum two attempts at the practical examination with a minimum of four-weeks in between. Four-weeks must also be observed from completion of the theory exam to completing the practical examination.

The theory examination will evaluate the candidates' knowledge and application of designated general and pathology specific criteria including:

  • Professional practice
  • Foundation knowledge
  • Referrals, screening and assessment of exercise functional capacity
  • Design of exercise interventions
  • Implementation of exercise and health and wellness interventions
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular
  • Kidney
  • Mental Health
  • Metabolic
  • Musculoskeletal 
  • Neurological 
  • Respiratory / pulmonary 

A minimum of 70% must be attained to pass the theory exam.

The examination must be overseen by a suitable invigilator which must be approved prior to the examination. Please see the Invigilator Form for more information.

For more information, please visit UQ's website here.

The theoretical examination will be available from February 2020 for registration.

Theory Examination

Cost: $820

Practical Examination

The Practical examination is conducted through the University of Queensland. The examination will involve three stations, each allocated 60 minutes covering a combination of pathology domains. Each station will have an examiner, the examinee and a simulated patient present. At each station you will be provided with a short overview of the case verbally and have one hour to complete a full assessment with recommendations.

Candidates are permitted a maximum two attempts at the practical examination with a minimum of four weeks in between. 

For further information or to view the examination criteria, please visit the University of Queensland website, here.

UPCOMING DATES: Please contact the National Office on 07 3171 3335

Practical Examination

Cost: $1540

Updated January 2020