How to earn your 2021 CPD points

2021 continues to be challenging for our industry as whole and at ESSA we have worked alongside our ESSA members during this difficult journey.

ESSA has produced many learning opportunities, including lots for free! Ongoing learning is an integral component of our professional standards and underpins the excellence of the work you do. We urge you to take your learning into your own hands and we have put together some tips to help you. 

FREE ESSA professional development:
Quarterly free podcasts: Each quarter, and on your birthday, ESSA provides you with a promo code so you can choose a podcast for free! Worth a total of 7.5 CPD points. Check out your ESSA My Account to get claiming!

Standards & Compliance online course: Understand more about providing exercise physiology services within compensable schemes. Worth 5 CPD points. Register here.

Enjoy writing? You can earn up to 5 CPD points (under Category 2) simply by writing a blog for Exercise Right. Email if you'd like to take part!

Side note: Did you only first become accredited with ESSA in 2021? You are still required to complete CPD points but the amount of points will be calculated on how many months of the calendar year you are accredited for. Find out more.

FREE ESSA learning activities:
These learning options are for ESSA members only and include Chats (podcasts), Q & A sessions (webinar/podcast recordings), Case Conferences, and access to journal articles. Some are eligible for CPD points with a completed self-assessment tool.

Check out our recent activities below:

• AEP Case Conferences: Recordings about best practice approaching to treating clinical cases. To listen to past recordings, click here. (Eligible for 1 CPD point per learning hour)

AES C.A.S.E. (Collaborative Approach to the Science of Exercise): Gain valuable experience across every aspect of the exercise intervention process. To register for upcoming events or listen to past recordings, click here. (Eligible for 1 CPD point per learning hour)

Sports Science Meet-Ups: Sports science knowledge sharing - topic specific. To register for upcoming events or listen to past recordings, click here. (Eligible for 1 CPD point per learning hour)

Career and Business Chats: ESSA has created a range of chats to help inform and education our Members. Click here to view more.

Up to date research: ESSA members also have access to the EBSCO databases where there are a wide range of research articles and you can even do short courses! Click here. (Eligible for 1 CPD point per journal article read under Category 2. EBSCO Continuing Education modules eligible for 1 CPD point per learning hour under Category 1)

External Education Opportunities
For a list of over 100 professional development courses, on various topics, delivered by external providers that have been accredited by ESSA for a range of CPD points, please click here.

Did you know that you can count learning provided by government departments and providers not accredited by ESSA? If it reflects your scope of practice, is delivered by a qualified presenter or nationally recognised organisation, then it is likely to be something you can claim for CPD. Some examples are below.

Here’s more activities eligible for 1 CPD point per learning hour:

Aged Care
OPAN: Provider Education per state
Allied Health Professions Australia: Various webinars available

Business Education
Business Victoria: Free online learning
State Governments: Free business workshops and webinars

Department of Health: COVID-19 Infection control training (free!)
British Journal of Sports Medicine: Stanford Hall consensus statement for post-COVID-19 rehabilitation

Digital Health
Digital Health Australia: Multiple free learning options
Medcast: Various health care education webinars

First Aid and CPR
There are now a number of online First Aid and CPR courses being offered. Before choosing an online course, please ensure there is an assessment component and a Statement of Attainment (HLTAID003 for First Aid and HLTAID001 for CPR) is provided upon completion of the course. 
ESSA recommends this course to complete First Aid and CPR online.

First Aid (HLTAID003) (which includes CPR) is eligible for 3 CPD points. CPR (HLTAID001) is eligible for 1 CPD point.

Becoming an effective leader

Mental Health
Black Dog Institute: e-Mental Health in Practice webinars

Peak training for Osteoarthritis
The University of Melbourne: Peak program (Free)

Multiple Sclerosis
University of Tasmania: Understanding Multiple Sclerosis (Free)

Various webinars
New Worker Orientation Module
Introduction to the National Disability Insurance Scheme for Allied Health Professionals Online Training (AHPA resource)
To access the training at the cheaper rate, ESSA members will need to utilise the promo code: AHPA_MEMB

Charles Darwin University course: Telehealth - Embracing technology in health care (Free)
Torrens University course: Connecting with Telehealth (Free)

Services Australia
Medicare and DVA resources and education for health professionals

Online webinars

Join Clearinghouse for Sport to access sport related research
Play by the Rules: Online courses
ASADA - Online course

How you can claim CPD under the ‘Further Education’ category
There are lots of options – see the CPD Guidelines to work out the points for different activities. If you complete a non-ESSA PD activity that meets the CPD criteria, upload your evidence (such as the ESSA Self-Assessment Tool) and add to your electronic logbook under your ESSA My Account.

How you can claim CPD points under the ‘Self-Education’ category
It’s easy. You can do a range of activities (see the CPD Guidelines) including reading journal articles and attending industry meetings (such as ESSA AGM, or state chapter meetings). All you need to do is keep evidence of any self-education (e.g., copy of journal article) and add it to your electronic logbook under your ESSA My Account.

If you have any queries about how to access any of the above suggestions or eligibility for CPD points just get in touch with us!

If you're struggling to meet your CPD point requirements for 2021, please contact us and we will be happy to walk you through it.

Contact Us with 2021 CPD Questions

As an organisation we believe CPD is an integral component of our professional standards and underpins the excellence of our professions. Our reputation and standing have shone through during these turbulent times and we will not lower the bar and risk the safety of clients and the integrity of the professions. Therefore, the 2021 CPD requirements will remain unchanged, however we are committed to providing all accredited ESSA members with access and opportunity to complete their point requirements for free or very little cost.