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HEAL™ Delivery

Group exercise sessions involve low to moderate intensity aerobic & resistance activities and may be modified to suit individual needs. HEAL™ education and exercise sessions are facilitated by health and exercise professionals trained to support individuals who may be unfamiliar with how to make positive health and lifestyle changes or who may be unsure of how to safely take up physical activity. HEAL™ facilitators are trained and encouraged to incorporate principles of self-managed change into all their participant interactions.

HEAL™ facilitators deliver the following program components:
  • Pre-exercise screening and initial assessment
  • Delivery of nutrition, physical activity and behaviour modification education sessions
  • Delivery of group physical activity/exercise sessions
  • Post-program assessment
  • Five and twelve-month post program review

HEAL™ facilitators are directed to deliver the HEAL™ group education and group physical activity sessions according to the Dietary Guidelines for Australian Adults and National Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines.

HEAL™ has also been delivered successfully for a variety of homogeneous and heterogeneous participant groups including Aboriginal Australians, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and migrant communities, people living with a mental illness, young mums, gender specific, elderly and unemployed persons. Modified HEAL™ program and promotional resources have been developed by the HEAL™ project team including an abridged manual for participants from CALD communities and those with lower literacy skills, a culturally relevant manual and flip-chart resource for Aboriginal participants, and more recently a manual designed for teenage participants.

Becoming a HEAL™ Facilitator

The HEAL™ project team invite tertiary-trained health and exercise professionals from health service providers such as PHNs, community health services, Aboriginal health services, mental health services, general practices and private practices from all council areas in Australia to attend a HEAL™ training workshop and to run the program in their workplace or community.

Only individuals who have completed a HEAL™ facilitator training course and hold or are covered by a current HEAL™ licence may deliver the program. To be eligible for HEAL™ Facilitator training, individuals must be a tertiary-trained health professionals, including, but not limited to: Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Accredited Exercise Scientist, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Diabetes Educator, Registered Nurse, Aboriginal Health Worker, Health Promotion Officer, or Occupational Therapist.

HEAL™ facilitator training workshops may be arranged in your local area subject to demand (minimum 6 attendees). The HEAL™ project team have also created an online training option via webinar.

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HEAL™ Licences

ESSA members are able take out an individual HEAL™ licence with us at a discounted rate.

If your ESSA membership has lapsed and you would like to renew it to take advantage of this offer, please email [email protected].

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HEAL™ Facilitator Testimonials

“I have had two very simple, yet rewarding success stories, with two separate participants sharing with me that they were able to tie their own shoelaces for the first time in years after completing the program.” – Chris Moore, AEP Cockburn Healthy Lifestyle Program

“Received an email from a participant who went on to lose 12 kg post HEAL™ – she has sent me a photo of 12kg worth of 1kg sugar bags in a shopping trolley as a representation of how well she had progressed.” – Megan Hardy, Dietician Cockburn Healthy Lifestyle Program

“It’s fun, inclusive, diverse, and conveys a holistic and client centred group program. We steer away from prioritising weight loss as a measure of success. The goal setting every few weeks keeps our participants motivated, we support them to continue working towards their goals. HEAL™ is by far my most favourite program I deliver!” – Ellen Smith, Health Promotion Officer WACHS

“Up until recently we have not plugged the program on social media and still fill our programs with a wait list 2-4 weeks prior to starting session 1 of the program.” – Steven Royle, AEP & AES Ipswich

Additional HEAL™ Resources

If you have questions about any aspect of the HEAL™ program please contact [email protected]

Telepractice: an alternate delivery method

What is Telepractice?
Also referred to as video or online sessions/consultations, ESSA has defined telepractice as 'the delivery of technology-based exercise and sports science services supporting wellness, prevention of health conditions, health management and performance improvement which involves the transmission of information using telecommunication technologies including but not restricted to video, telephone, mobile applications and internet.'

Why deliver Telepractice?
  • Adhere to current COVID-19 restrictions
  • Provide an alternative to participants who otherwise must travel long distances to attend
  • Provide a safe environment for participants who may feel uncomfortable in group settings
  • Allow participants who are sick or unwell to catch up