ESSA Pre-Budget Submission Calls For Removal of GST from Exercise Physiology Services

Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) submitted a Pre-Budget Submission today calling on the Australian Government to remove Goods and Services Taxation (GST) from exercise physiology services and correct the anomaly in respect to ‘other health services’ operating within national and state compensable schemes and across private health insurance funds. 

ESSA Chief Executive Officer, Anita Hobson-Powell, said the peak professional body has been in long-term discussions with Australian and state governments and The Treasury to abolish GST to ensure fairer health care costs across allied health professions and improve patient health outcomes.

“Removing GST from exercise physiology services will reduce the issue of growing health care costs for Australians, as well as the long-term burden of health care expenditure for the community,” said Ms Hobson-Powell. 

“It will support better patient outcomes and facilitate the reduction in Australia’s alarming rates of obesity and chronic disease.” 

“Supporting exercise physiology as an eligible GST-free health service will support broader universal access to an effective health care system, especially for those Australians at risk of, or living with, chronic and complex medical conditions or injuries,” Anita said.