Clarification on “gym” definition

ESSA is working diligently to clarify industry confusion that has arisen from the National Cabinet’s decision last night, that gyms and indoor sporting venues must close today. 

Minister Hunt’s office advised today that all allied health services can continue operating and are encouraged to do so whilst maintaining safe hygiene and social distancing requirements.

There is currently no nationally agreed definition as to what constitutes a “gym”. ESSA continues to seek guidance and national agreement from Federal and State government agencies to secure:

1. An official definition of a “gym” based around space and/or the number of machines to distinguish between:
 a. ESSA members operating small studios and small boutique gyms within their practices maintaining safe hygiene and social distancing requirements, and 
 b. commercial gyms, which were required to close at noon today.

2. Whether exercise physiologists can continue to operate allied health businesses that include:
small Pilates or yoga studios and/or small boutique gyms
separate clinic spaces within commercial gyms that have closed
a small gym or a separate clinic space within an aged care facility
hydrotherapy pools in rehab centres
parks and open space and
empty car parks in commercial gyms that have closed to the general public.   

ESSA will communicate details from Federal and State governments as soon as we receive confirmation on this information. 


Telehealth and Medicare

Minister Hunt has announced Stage 3 expansion of telehealth services. We anticipate allied health will be included in Stage 4, by the end of this week. We will update members as soon as more information becomes available.


Public Awareness

Today we also proudly launched Exercise Right at Home, which will provide free information from our Accredited Exercise Professionals to help keep Australians physically and mentally healthy.

The campaign also serves as a reminder that the option of seeking advice directly from an accredited exercise professional, such as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, via telehealth and online communications is available.

"We see it as our mission and responsibility to keep more Australians active during these uncertain times through the expert knowledge and guidance of our members. Whether it be through online workout videos or telehealth services, it all makes a significant difference to the health of our nation," says ESSA CEO, Anita Hobson-Powell.



Updates for Members:

Please monitor the ESSA Covid-19 information page regularly as well as emails and social media. This has information about Telehealth and for business owners.
ESSA will provide more guidance on how to adapt services for telehealth this week. 
Please update your details on the Accredited Exercise Professional search function to include telehealth if you are providing these services. Do so by logging in to the ESSA website and updating My Account. 
Any members who wish to take part in Exercise Right at Home public awareness/support campaign, please email 
The ESSA National Office will physically close from tomorrow, Tuesday 24th March. However, we are operating business as usual. Please use email as first communication to us where possible.