ESSA Release Sports Science Industry Development Plan 2020-2025


Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) has today released a Sports Science Industry Development Plan 2020-2025 which will guide ESSA’s operations to help develop the sports science and high performance industry.

“This plan was developed in consultation with the high-performance community and under the guidance from the ESSA Sports Science Advisory Group,” says Anita Hobson-Powell, ESSA Chief Executive Officer.

“We identified the need to consult with the community at all levels to ensure we are supporting and raising the profile of our world class industry. ESSA is committed to promoting our professionals to the wider community and cementing the value of the skills and knowledge of our members in sport at all levels.”

Four overarching strategic priorities will be put into operation starting 2020 for completion by 2025:

Regulatory services – To maintain the highest level of integrity and standards in sports science and human performance.

Marketing services – To engage with and drive meaningful dialogue with key stakeholders on the benefits of engaging with an Accredited Sports Scientist and Accredited High Performance Manager.

Membership services – ESSA to be the choice peak professional body of sports science and high performance managers.

Advocacy and Lobbying services – To support the sustainable growth of a competitive industry, with the agility to satisfy current and future market demands and opportunities.

“ESSA’s Sports Science Advisory Group will liaise with the ESSA National Office to provide operational oversight of the Sports Science Industry Development Plan. The strategic priority areas and deliverables will be reviewed systematically every two years in consultation with the ESSA membership as part of a continuous quality improvement cycle.”

“We are dedicated to supporting our members, and look forward to reporting on the success and impact of the Sports Science Industry Development Plan 2020-2025.”

For a copy of the report, please click here:

For more information please contact ESSA on or 07 3171 3335.