ESSA announces its latest Fellow: Associate Professor Justin Keogh

27 April 2021

ESSA Fellowship recognises those members who have achieved a high level of professional accomplishment, responsibility and service to ESSA.

“The awarding of an ESSA Fellowship allows us to recognise a long-standing member that has made a significant impact on the exercise and sports science industry and has continued to provide their support and dedication to the association,” says ESSA Chief Executive Officer, Anita Hobson-Powell.

At this time, ESSA would like to announce that the newest Fellowship recipient is Associate Professor Justin Keogh.

Associate Professor Justin Keogh’s service to the exercise and sports science industry spans close to 25 years of research experience, particularly within resistance training for athletic populations as well as Exercise is Medicine research for older adults and cancer survivors. With over 190 peer reviewed journal publications – an exceptionally high number given Justin’s PhD was conferred in 2006 – he has also been successful in attracting over $1.5M in external research funding.

As an ESSA member since 2015 (becoming an Accredited Sports Scientist Level 2 in 2018), Justin has also made significant contributions to the ESSA membership through his role as a senior academic, ensuring the units he teaches meet the ESSA accreditation requirements. On top of this, his services on a variety of ESSA committees have been integral, including the ESSA Research Committee (2017-2018), the ESSA AES Professional Standards Committee (2019-2020), the ESSA Sports Science Advisory Group (2019–present), and the ESSA Sports Science Twitter Conference Committee.

In fact, Justin played a key role in the creation and development of ESSA’s inaugural Sports Science Twitter Conference in 2020, which was not only a success in bringing together the sports science community, but the event reached over 800,000 Twitter users securing its place firmly for the future.

“Justin has always been professional and acted with integrity, elevating the sports science community and benefitting the ESSA membership through his service. He has undoubtedly made a long-standing contribution to ESSA and the industry,” said Anita.

ESSA Fellowship applications are available to Full members of ESSA and are accepted bi-annually on 30th June and 1st December each year. ESSA members will be reminded of this opportunity in the weeks leading up to these dates should they wish to apply.

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