ESSA announces its latest Fellowship recipients

15 November 2021

ESSA Fellowship recognises both Full and Academic members who have achieved a high level of professional accomplishment, responsibility and service to ESSA.

“The awarding of an ESSA Fellowship allows us to recognise a long-standing member that has made a significant impact on the exercise and sports science industry and has continued to provide their support and dedication to the association,” says ESSA Chief Executive Officer, Anita Hobson-Powell.

At this time, ESSA would like to announce that the newest Fellowship recipients are:
  • Dr Nicolas Hart
  • Professor Belinda Beck
  • Dr Kate Pumpa
Dr Nicolas Hart’s has been an ESSA member for almost 15 years, and through various roles, he has totalled 8 years of ESSA committee-related contributions. Academically, he has represented exercise science nationally and internationally and exemplifies high levels of achievement across the clinical, industry, academic, and service pathways of ESSA.

In recognition for his work, Nicolas was named ESSA’s 2014 Exercise Scientist of the Year, and subsequently received ESSA’s inaugural Clinical Exercise Physiology Research Grant in 2015 that helped launch the next stage of his career in exercise oncology.

“Dr Hart is deeply committed to ESSA and the industry and his distinguished engagement spans across community, sport and clinical settings. His dedication, passion and pride in ESSA and this industry is outstanding,” said Anita.

Professor Belinda Beck is the first ESSA Academic member to receive ESSA Fellowship. Belinda has contributed a considerable amount to the field of exercise science through 30+ years of research and practice. This includes Belinda’s longstanding service to ESSA whilst serving on various position statement and research committees, currently as the Chair of the ESSA Research Committee.

Belinda’s passion and expertise in the bone health arena has meant that she has been called upon to develop and deliver a range of ESSA professional development, position statement and fact sheets. Her passion has had a profound influence on the students and new graduates she has both formally and informally mentored.

“Professor Beck has committed her career to the promotion of exercise as medicine both within bone health and the wider industry. Her many years of professional contribution to ESSA certainly defines what it means to be an ESSA Fellow,” said Anita.

Dr Kate Pumpa’s service to the exercise and sports science industry spans close to 20 years and over the last decade, Kate has made significant and valuable contributions to the exercise and sports science profession at both a local and national level.

Kate’s knowledge of the university sector, from experience on Academic Boards and various committee, and ESSA’s accreditation process has helped the ESSA Course Accreditation Committee stay contemporary and relevant to ensure high standards and best practice.

“Dr Pumpa is a consistent and dependable advocate for ESSA and its members, and her high-level of commitment to the industry, along with her dedication and enthusiasm, has only strengthened ESSA and our community and played a significant contribution to our achievements,” said Anita.

ESSA Fellowship applications are currently open to Full or Academic ESSA members. Applications will close on Wednesday, 1 December 2021. Click here to find out more information on applying.

Dr Nicolas Hart

Professor Belinda Beck

Dr Kate Pumpa