$100,000 in ESSA Research grants available

6 September 2022

Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) has opened its latest round of research grants, valued at a combined $100,000.

ESSA Chief Executive Officer Anita Hobson-Powell said the organisation was offering two research grants, each to the value of $50,000, for research starting in 2023.

“ESSA is excited to offer two wonderful opportunities for research projects that align to our vision and purpose to enhance performance, health, and well-being through the science of exercise and sport; and to lead and promote excellence in exercise and sports science for the benefits of society and the professions,” she said.“

Applications for the 2022 ESSA Research Grants will be accepted until Monday 18 October and winners will be announced by Friday 16 December.

“This year we are looking to encourage research in the key areas of aged care and NDIS support, as well as other new or emerging areas of practice.

“Especially in relation to aged care and NDIS support, we know our members are doing vital work helping vulnerable members of the community cope with chronic conditions that directly impact their quality of life.

“I’m looking forward to reading the proposals this year and unearthing worthy winners of the research grants.”

ESSA 2021 Research Grant winner Associate Professor Nathan Johnson from The University of Sydney is using his grant to lead a world first study aimed at finding benefits for patients and providing clear, practical guidance for clinicians and exercise specialists managing people with diabetes and its complications.

In Australia approximately 50,000 people with diabetes develop a foot ulcer each year, leading to increased risk of hospital admissions and amputations. People who develop a “diabetic foot ulcer” are often advised to avoid physical activity yet regular exercise has significant metabolic and cardiovascular benefits for people with diabetes and may even benefit foot ulcer healing. 

2022 research grant applications must address the following priorities:

Measuring the benefits of Accredited Exercise Physiology services in supporting and empowering self-efficacy in either NDIS or aged care.

Research supporting the value proposition of AEP and AES scope of practice in new or emerging areas of practice 

More details of the 2022 ESSA Research Grants are available online at ESSA Research Grants


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