BEAT IT Trainer Program

About the BEAT IT Trainer course
BEAT IT – Trainer is an evidence-based program for exercise physiologists, exercise scientists and other exercise professionals. It is designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver safe and effective group-based physical activity and lifestyle programs for people who may be overweight and/or obese, and living with or are at risk of diabetes and other lifestyle-related chronic conditions.
This course has been developed as a two part education and training program for exercise professionals to become registered BEAT IT Trainers. After completing these training modules, you will have the knowledge to be able to safely develop programs that suit these groups.
A total of 8 CPD points are available from ESSA upon completion of this course.

BEAT IT Trainer face-to-face session
Following on from the online program, you can complete this face to face interactive training day that provides you with all the materials, content and support to initiate and run BEAT IT group physical activity programs. The training will cover:
Diabetes and the BEAT IT program
New technology
Latest research
Consultations and exercise assessments
Practical case studies

Ongoing support
Once both courses are successfully completed, you will be accredited for 2 years as a BEAT Trainer, and we will provide you with 24 months of support including:
Assistance in establishing initial client base via electronic mail-out to up to 700 potential clients from our database (Diabetes NSW & ACT membership database only)
Website listing for any BEAT IT programs you are currently running
Access to BEAT IT templates and support materials
Promote your BEAT IT programs at our local community events (NSW & ACT only)
Online community of fellow BEAT IT trainers
Opportunity to utilize BEAT IT program branding within your facility
Access to additional professional development opportunities

As a registered BEAT IT Trainer, you may be eligible to contract to deliver BEAT IT for Diabetes NSW & ACT! Email us to find out more: 

What is BEAT IT?
BEAT IT: Physical Activity and Lifestyle Program is an evidence-based exercise program for people with, and at risk of, diabetes. Diabetes NSW & ACT developed this program to support people living with diabetes in becoming more active in their lifestyles, and to get greater control over their condition.
The BEAT IT program is an evidence-based, 8 week physical activity and lifestyle program designed to assist participants to:
Increase physical activity levels
Reduce risk factors for developing diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases
Improve quality of life and functional capacity
Promote sustained, long-term behaviour change
Improve healthy eating habits
Improve cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal strength, balance, coordination and endurance
All people with diabetes and other lifestyle-related chronic conditions can benefit from correctly-prescribed exercise programs.

You can register for the BEAT IT Trainer course via our website:

Presented by Diabetes NSW and ACT Exercise Physiologists Thomas Laing, Ashley Baveas and Joannah Braham
ESSA Member: $595.00

ESSA Non-Member: $645.00

ESSA Student Member: $595.00

Diabetes Qualified Health Professional Members receive a 10% discount on the course price. To join as a member click here. 

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Course schedule
Please visit our website for the face to face training dates which run throughout the year:


Contact details
For more information or to enrol in the course, please contact the provider on the below details:

Diabetes Qualified (subsidiary of Diabetes NSW & ACT)
Ph: 1300 727 194


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