BLACKROLL® Functional Fascia Training

This certified course is aimed at health and fitness professionals: sports medicine, fitness instructors, personal trainers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, osteopaths, pilates instructors or yogis. Our education program caters for ambitious individuals who are passionate about health and want to stay on top of their game. 

The focus of the training is on myofascial structures in the body, taking a holistic approach and building on functional training essentials. Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll become a certified BLACKROLL® Trainer, able to provide seminars and group classes for your clients and patients. 

About the Education: 
The course is focused on a holistic approach to training of myofascial structures in the body and builds upon functional movement essentials, SMT and Integration. 

We’ll be bringing together a variety of players in the health and (performance) sports sectors to nurture hybrid knowledge and cross-learning. We believe that by connecting and sharing experiences in your chosen fields you will become more aware of the importance of injury prevention and self-healing through controlled and intelligent movement patterns. 

The BLACKROLL® Education was developed by Dr. Lutz Graumann (MD, Ph.D., founder of Performance & Health Institute) in collaboration with Marcel Andrä (Exercise Physiology) and based on advanced movement patterning, scientific and medical research. 

The program consists of the following essential functional training elements: 
Balance + Breathing 
Dynamic mobilisation (DYNAMO) 
Patterning of movement 
Stability + Strength 
Recovery (rollout | SMT: self-myofascial techniques) 
Group training concept 

Presented by Alison Slater & David Dawes

Alison Slater
Alison is an internationally-trained Physiotherapist, graduating from the University of New South Wales followed by Cumberland College of Health Sciences in 1986. With a wealth of post-graduate study behind her, including a Master of Manual Therapy from the University of Western Australia, Alison offers 32 years of knowledge and practical clinical experience. Following graduation from her Masters, she was offered and accepted an Adjunct Teaching Fellowship at UWA, and held this position for some years. Alison is a Blackroll Master Trainer with a passion for all things fascia. She has travelled extensively to ensure she is up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, including several of the Fascia Research Congresses and Fascia Summer Schools. She is also involved in the Fascial Net Plastination Project, having visited the Plastinarium in Guben, Germany in June, 2018. Alison attends a 5-day full-body dissection Course in the United States every year, and has tutored for Tom Myers in this environment on occasion. She has also undertaken countless post-graduate education Courses, including Facsial Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, Dry Needling, Myofascial Release, Mulligan Technique, Sacroiliiac and Pelvic assessment and treatment, sports injuries and specific joint-based manual therapy approaches. Alison has also taught extensively throughout the United Kingdom and Australia in Muscle Energy Technique. She is a self-proclaimed “sworn enemy of densification” from the most recent International Blackroll Summit, understanding the essential part rolling plays in the rehabilitation and maintenance of healthy fascia for all people, athletes and mere mortals alike! Outside of professional concerns, Alison is a keen triathlete, and even has a go at the odd half-marathon!

David Dawes
Dave completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at La Trobe in 2006 and more recently completed his Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy. Over the past twelve months, Dave has collaborated with Blackroll in an effort to further educate himself and others in the role of fascia, self myofascial release and self-care. Dave was, until recently, the head physio at the Western Force Rugby Club; a role which included diagnosis, treatment and exercise prescription for the professional rugby players during the week and being on the sidelines on game day. Dave also spent four years between 2011 and 2015 working in the AFL for North Melbourne Football Club in the role of full-time senior physiotherapist. In this time, the sports medical team at the Kangaroos was responsible for the club having the lowest soft tissue injury rate in the AFL.
He takes an active approach to rehabilitation – whether it be post-operative care, management of an acute injury or an ongoing problem, he will provide tailored exercises and tools specific to you that will help increase the speed of your recovery and prevent the risk of re-injury.
Outside of work, he is the proud father of three young children, and spends as much time as possible with them and his wife. He also enjoys running, footy and golf. 


Earlybird: $349.00
Standard: $390.00                            

Perth: 23 March 2019
Melbourne: 25 May 2019
Bali: 31 August 2019
Sydney: 29 February 2020

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