Boxing Skills & Fitness

ESSA’s only accredited Boxing for Fitness program 8 CPD’s.

This program focuses on creating a simplified, but highly effective method to teach Boxing for Fitness.

Boxing skills and fitness has been developed by Australian Combat & Exercise to put the focus back on to you the trainer and coach.By understanding how to apply the correct technique, with correct coaching methods you will deliver an excellent Boxing for Fitness session to your client. This will have you stand out from other trainers still running the same old, ineffective boxing fitness session!

This program is presented & has been developed by boxing and martial arts specialists, along with experienced ESSA accredited Exercise & Sports Scientists. Everyone involved in developing this program has over 15 years’ experience in coaching & training, and an extensive knowledge of combat sports.

Our course includes a seminar with an Exercise Scientist presenting evidence based practice on Boxing and High Intensity Interval Training for Obesity and Insulin Resistance and how to apply it correctly in boxing skills & fitness.

What you’ll learn & why our course is unique:
Demonstrate the benefits of using a striking shield for interval training as opposed to focus pads
The one day course covers both one on one training and group fitness principals
The proper boxing skills with an emphasis on teaching the correct technique
How to hold focus pads safely and reduce the risk of injury
An innovative way to run focus pad sessions
Boxing & HIIE for Obesity & Insulin Resistance

Presented by Hays Daewoud, Dr Luke Del Vecchio & Ziad Zakharia

Hays Daewoud
With over 25 years experience in martial arts and coaching and with 11 years in the corporate world, Hays has combined his skills of project management, business planning, and people leadership to create Australian Combat & Exercise.

As an experienced and technical martial arts and boxing coach, Hays became frustrated when witnessing fitness professionals teaching clients extremely poor and unsafe boxing and martial arts techniques in gyms and parks  around Sydney. Seeing a need for change, Hays alongside experienced boxing & kickboxing coaches from around the country and with Dr Luke Del Vecchio ESSAM, AEP, ASp, developed the Boxing Skills & Fitness program.

Hays has been trained and mentored by Australian & world renowned trainers in Boxing & Martial Arts, these include Mick Spinks, Paul Fyfield, Hussy Hussein & Ziad Zakharia.

Hays is an accredited trainer in Boxing, Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts under the Combat Sports Authority of NSW as well as a qualified coach under the Australian Sports Commission and Martial Arts Industry Association as well as an ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Dr Luke Del Vecchio 
Luke Delvecchio is a Level 2 accredited sports scientist and develops programs to enhance human performance. An experienced educator, researcher and a specialist in human performance, Luke runs high performance testing and has developed content and presents Australian Combat & Exercise seminars, workshops and CPD programs.

Luke is a highly skilled career professional with over 10 years practical experience in corporate health, primary care and occupational rehabilitation environments. He is a well-established and experienced Exercise Physiologist and accredited Sports Scientist who helps enhance people’s well-being through the delivery of clinical exercise and lifestyle programs. Luke has heads combat research programs at Australian Combat & Exercise with the aim to increase the body of literature in combat sports. Luke has a PhD in Sports Science, where he investigated the effects of concurrent sprint and resistance training on sprint-cycling performance in masters track cyclists.

Ziad Zakharia
Ziad is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and specialises in rehabilitation for muscular-skeletal injuries, obesity, diabetes and CVD. With over 25 years experience in the fitness industry and over 15 years experience in teaching at schools and universities Zak is an asset to Australian Combat & Exercise.

As a martial artist Ziad has over 35 years experience and has won several world titles under the International Sports Karate Association, in the areas of weaponry, free forms, and full contact fighting.

Ziad is well known as the Vice Principal at the Frank Dando Sports Academy in Melbourne Victoria, Ziad and the school featured on the program 60 minutes in 2012.

The boys at the school are of age 10 to 17 that are highly intelligent but have failed in the mainstream schools due to bullying, violence, lack of confidence and show symptoms of AD/HD. Usually after two years of intensive education and training the boys can return to mainstream schools.




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Australian Combat & Exercise
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