Certificate of Human Nutrition

The Certificate of Human Nutrition course takes you through the latest evidenced-based information about essential nutrition knowledge.

It covers defining a 'good diet', a review of global dietary guidelines, all you need to know about carbohydrates and sugars, the latest on dietary fats (with special coverage of cholesterol and saturated fats), how protein functions, and a special look at vegetarian and vegan diets. You'll also look into micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), water balance and hydration. Plus special topics such as early nutrition (including a look at food allergies), pregnancy nutrition, sports nutrition, weight loss nutrition, nutrition of older adults, food safety and a chapter on dietary assessment (based on a non-diet approach).

We teach nutrition not diets! You'll hold solid knowledge to make, and share, informed decisions, and you'll be able to know where to find credible information. We don't cover every diet known to man, we teach you how to evaluate them past, present and future, we think that's a pretty good life long skill.

Pathways available from this course to nutrition & health coaching qualifications or nutrition & naturopathic degrees.

Presented by Leanne Cooper 
Leanne Cooper has studied extensively with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Education), a Diploma in Nutrition, and finally post graduate certificates in both Higher Education and Human Nutrition. She started out in private practice specializing in sports nutrition for athletes and elite level teams while lecturing. Leanne then developed online courses which has seen the rise of Well College Global. Well College Global is now an international provider of Nutrition and Health training courses. As a published author of two books, most recently Change The Way You Eat, Leanne is passionate about a non-diet based approach to healthful eating and to community wellbeing.

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