Coaching Explosive Speed Online Course

Sport Speed presenter Ranell Hobson will take you through leading technical drills to maximise performance in straight line & multidirectional speed. These drills & combinations can be applied to any field or court based sport to unlock the true athletic potential of your players. You will also gain an understanding of the science foundations behind explosive speed; how to maximise every players potential & keep them injury free.

You will also learn how to identify & correct inefficient speed & movement mechanics in your players that will reduce their risk of injury & increase their on-field efficiency.       

Online Course Modules

Coaching Speed
Linear Speed
Multi Directional Speed
Physical Qualities for Speed

Includes a 3 hour practical workshop. This workshop allows you to explore the practical application of the knowledge and skills gained throughout the linear and multi-directional speed theory presentations. You will gain skills required to demonstrate drills and exercises to instruct speed training techniques to individual athletes or groups of athletes according to their specific needs.

Face to Face Modules

There are 2 practical sessions (with emphasis on Dynamic Warmup techniques) comprising:

Linear Speed
Multi-directional Speed                                                                                                               

This is a full day course that will provide you with skills and drills that you can implement into your current training and coaching programs immediately.

Presented by Ranell Hobson

Masters Sports Coaching UQLD. Bachelor of Arts (Sports Science and Coaching); Grad Dip in Adult Education (VET), NSCA CSCS Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Aus. Track and Field Coaches Assoc. Level 3 (Sprints, Hurdles and Relays), ASCA Australian Strength and Conditioning Assoc. Level 2. & Pro Scheme. Ranell has over 25 years experience in Sport coaching and Strength and Conditioning. Ranell has written hundreds of speed and strength programs for athletes across all three football codes, netball, baseball, tennis and gymnastics. Ranell presented on speed and movement mechanics in Europe to leading youth sports academies (Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Leicester, Southampton). In 2016 she presented the linear speed component of the Edith Cowan University Masters in Strength and Conditioning course. Ranell is a dual masters world medallist in sprints (WMA Indoor 2010 & 2014) and previous World Record holder. She presented at the ASCA International S&C Conference in 2018 and 2019 and was awarded the 2019 ASCA Performance Development Coach of the year. She also presented throughout Asia at the 2019 Singapore Expro and Asian Fitness Conference to sold out audiences on Maximising Running Performance, Ranell has been interviewed for numerous sport science based podcasts worldwide and sports radio broadcasts. Her athletes that she works with include elite baseball players, soccer, rugby, athletics (track sprinters) and netballers many of which are chasing international contracts and careers. Ranell brings to her workshops and courses a relaxed environment that facilitates discussion and coach interaction, where evidence-based coaching is paramount and participation is encouraged based upon each attendees personal abilities.

Course Schedule
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Price for Online version:  $242.00 (inc GST)
ESSA Member: $385.00 per person per course
Non-Member: $385.00 per person per course

Contact Details
For more information or to enrol in the course, please contact the provider below:

The  Academy of Sport Speed and Agility
Kip Hobson
Phone: 02 8310 9946