Designing and Delivering Health Lifestyle Courses and Facilitating Groups

Undertaking this unit will assist you in designing a training program, or in delivering a course, workshop, seminar or lecture as well as working with small groups.  Designing and delivering a course or training session can be a very rewarding experience for both the trainer and the participants. Providing others with opportunities to better understand their health and to be able to make informed decisions can be a vital aspect of community health. Put simply, you are doing a good deed in spreading the word about healthy lifestyles.
Writing a program is hard enough, knowing what to include and when to stop is one of the biggest challenges in the early stages, but for many standing in front of eager participants and knowing how to chunk all the information you have in your head, structure it in a way that is not only logical but develops understanding, making it flow effortlessly and doing this with absolute confidence and in an entertaining way can be an entirely different ‘kettle of fish’ all together.

Presented by Leanne Cooper 
Leanne Cooper has studied extensively with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Education), a Diploma in Nutrition, and finally post graduate certificates in both Higher Education and Human Nutrition. She started out in private practice specializing in sports nutrition for athletes and elite level teams while lecturing. Leanne then developed online courses which has seen the rise of Well College Global. Well College Global is now an international provider of Nutrition and Health training courses. As a published author of two books, most recently Change the Way You Eat, Leanne is passionate about a non-diet based approach to healthful eating and to community wellbeing.

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