Education and Motor Learning Tools Applied for Exercise Professionals 

When you design and deliver programs/services using evidence based education techniques you position yourself and your clients to learn better, develop quicker, and make long lasting improvements. 

This course will teach you 8 proven and successful education concepts and explore how they can positively influence learning. 

The education concepts in this course will help you:
increase your clients’ engagement in their physical activity/rehabilitation
build your clients’ ability to learn (vital for setting up clients to retain and grow the improvements they make with you) 
enhance outcomes for your clients in an exercise setting. 

This course provides examples of how to apply each education concept in practice to achieve the best results. Our focus is on translating evidence into practice, so this course will also give you resources and tools that you can download immediately and use in your work with clients.

Topics covered include scaffolding, feedback, deliberate practice and more. 

Presented by Ned Jelbart
Ned Jelbart is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Educator. He has 15 years experience working across the health, sport and education fields. Ned has worked as a teacher in the secondary and tertiary education sectors, and in education positions at the Australian Institute of Sport and ACT Health. He has also worked as an Exercise Physiologist in private practice. Ned is passionate about the role of education in supporting clients to improve their health and reach their goals.

Course schedule
This course is completely online. You can do it all in one go or, if you prefer, you can do it in chunks and come back to it when it suits you.

Enrolment is quick and easy. Once you’ve finished this course you’ll get your completion certificate straight away. 

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This course is specifically designed for Exercise Physiologists. Exercise Scientists with an interest in applied education and motor learning may also find this course relevant.

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