Exercise after Bariatric Surgery

After reviewing the current evidence for working with clients who have had bariatric surgery, Jennifer identifies there is no consensus regarding the dosage for exercise prescription post-surgery. This prompts a consideration of what we are using as a measure of outcome for this group- weight loss? Certainly, bariatric surgery in itself will induce weight loss. Jennifer shifts her focus to considering other important outcomes from exercise participation: 

- Capillary density 
- Insulin and glucose metabolism; T2DM remission 
- Mitochondrial function 
- Fat oxidation 
- Metabolic flexibility 
- Myokine release 
- Reduced surgical risk (if pre-surgery exercise) 
- Increased VO2max 
- Attenuating muscle loss 

Providing appropriate education around these benefits allows the client and surgery team to experience bariatric surgery from a more holistic perspective; seeing our role as facilitators of behaviour change, rather than simply promotors of weight loss. 

Presented by Jennifer Smallridge
Jennifer Smallridge is an exercise physiologist who specialises getting people moving through all stages of life, particularly after bariatric surgery. She has worked in a multi-disciplinary team at a weight loss surgery centre, and believes that exercise is key for maximising outcomes. She currently practices at Upwell in Camberwell, as well as providing services to the life insurance industry and lecturing in functional human anatomy. Jennifer was also a finalist for ESSA’s Exercise Physiologist of the Year in 2018 for demonstrating advocacy and excellence in the profession. 

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