Exercising After Pregnancy for Optimal Outcomes

No two pregnancies, deliveries or postnatal outcomes are the same; many are uncomplicated however some encounter complications. This means a thorough understanding of the changes that have occurred to a woman’s body and mind, during pregnancy, and after the delivery of her baby is essential. These changes, which are specific to every woman, guide the trainer in developing an optimal personalised exercise programme, and manage not only the straightforward client, but the more complex one as well.

This course details the many benefits and the limitations of exercise, and the effects of exercise physiologically on the woman’s body after delivery. It also covers the effects of pregnancy on the female musculoskeletal system following a sudden change of load after delivery.

The course provides screening tools and active tests to be able to assess a woman’s readiness for exercise, the intensity and modality that is appropriate for each individual woman. It also identifies the signs and symptoms which may require the postnatal client to cease exercise and seek further advice; and when exercise is contraindicated. Symptoms of postpartum lumbar spine and pelvic girdle pain are outlined and the appropriate management of this client, through exercise and / or referral are reviewed.

The role of core stability in managing a postpartum woman and how to appropriate teach correct recruitment of the deep core muscles including pelvic floor are revised. The course explains the risk of occurrence of a diastasis rectus abdominus if an exercise programme is not delivered with a full understanding of abdominal muscle function in that area. Examples are given of how to reduce the separation through exercise and advice, along with exercise modifications for various movement dysfunctions. Good postural control in standing, sitting and functional everyday tasks for a pregnant woman are reviewed, and when referral to a medical specialist is appropriate.


Presented by Lorraine Starsmeare B.App. Sc (Physio) M.Phys. (Women’s health & Incontinence) Pending

Since graduation Lorraine has had 26 years of international experience in the U.S.A, UK and Australia. She initially worked as a physiotherapist in sports and rehabilitation settings.

She has been extensively involved with; the development, implementation and delivery of injury prevention and ergonomic programmes in the workplace; the presentation of educational programs including ante & post-natal classes; lectures on behalf of the Dept of Sport, Recreation and Racing; and OH&S training for industry and childcare.

She has completed all levels of the Australian Physiotherapy Association accredited, Clinical Pilates course. She has incorporated Clinical Pilates into my ‘hands-on’ treatment of musculoskeletal problems for many years; and for the last 12 years established and expanded my own business specialising in the care of individuals, including the pre and post-natal woman, using exercise physiotherapy to address movement dysfunction, on a one on one basis, and in a class environment.

Since 2014, in conjunction with Cadence Health She have written, developed and provided, online pre-& post-natal courses for health and exercise professionals.

Lorraine is currently completing my Master of Clinical Physiotherapy, majoring in Continence and Women’s Health at Curtin University, Perth. This postgraduate education ensures that she has full knowledge of the latest research and clinical practice and is competent in this area of physiotherapy and exercise.


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