Fascia & Foam Roller Online Workshop

This practical workshop is ideal for health professionals who are looking to improve their knowledge on fascial trains and how to utilise the foam roller and spikey ball to their full potential.

We will review the anatomy and function of fascia within the body and its relationship to tensegrity. The fascial trains within the body will be examined and practical myofascial releases to correct common fascial dysfunctions will be demonstrated. A comprehensive practical section will include stability and mobility exercises for you to include in your client’s program and have them functioning at their best.

Topics Covered Include:
Anatomy of fascia & how fascia behaves
Anatomy of the fascial trains in the body
How to perform myofascial releases using the foam roller
How to perform myofascial releases using the spikey ball
Practical demonstration of how to use the foam roller for stability & mobility exercises
Presented by Merrin Martin
Merrin is the owner of Active Rehab Solutions (previously known as Active Anatomy Health Professional Education). Since 2007 she has been developing and presenting workshops to health professionals around Australia in addition to running a successful physiotherapy clinic in Sydney. Merrin has extensive lecturing experience within the fitness industry and is regarded as an expert in her role as educator in specific exercise programs and managing injuries.

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Contact Details
For more information or to enroll in the workshop please contact the provider directly at:

Active Rehab Solutions
Phone: (02) 9451 9014
email: learn@activeanatomy.com
Website: www.activerehabsolutions.com