Health Business Building Intensive

Australia’s #1 Authority on Allied Health Business Development presents the Health Business Building Intensive. Having worked with more than 850 exercise physiology, physiotherapy and other allied health businesses in the past three years and based on real world Allied Health clinical business practices, this one-day intensive will ensure explosive practice growth for you in 2019. 

This 1-day Business Intensive includes the “The 7 Fundamentals of a Highly Successful Allied Health Clinic”  based on the Amazon best seller of the same name and also including all the business essentials, financial mastery strategies, marketing success formulas, GP Signature System, Patient Pipeline, Perfect Consult Pathway and much more. All the tools you need to easily build your own million-dollar health business.

Put your business in the hands of a team who have actively worked as both practitioners and business owners, have worked in the trenches as practitioners and have travelled the journey you are travelling today.
The ESSA Professional Development Committee certifies that this professional development offering meets the criteria for 10 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points

DURING THIS One Day Business Building Intensive YOU WILL LEARN:
How to massively increase referrals and get a flood of new patients
How to use the exact systems and templates to save you time and money that our industry leaders use
The award winning GP Signature System™ to secure unlimited patient referrals with ease
How to easily implement the Financial Mastery Formula™ that contains the 8 Keys to run your health business like an expert
How to build a dream team, recruit Rockstars every time, and build the culture within
How to develop your niche and USP to maximise marketing potential and eliminate the competition
The Patient Pathway™ to guarantee improved client retention and sustainable business growth
The power of Australia’s ONLY international awarded allied health business blueprint
If you have been thinking about starting your own clinic or taking your current business to the next level, then the Business Building Intensive is a must-attend event, so claim your spot now. 

Presented by Jason Pilgrim 
Jason Pilgrim has been in multiple businesses for nearly 15 years including currently owning and managing 6 companies. Has also been involved with the buying and selling of numerous businesses inside/outside the Allied Health industry. He is a multiple national and international award winner including being named the 2010 Australian Small Business Young Entrepreneur of the Year, winning the 2012 Australian Small Business Award for Professional Services and most importantly, winning 5 Global Business Excellence Awards since 2010. 

Jason has worked with more than 850 allied health businesses in the past 4 years to improve their business development capacity and is not only the most awarded allied health professional in Australia, but is also known as Australia’s #1 Authority on Allied Health Business Development.

Jason also has an Amazon best-selling book titled, ‘The 7 Fundamentals of a Highly Successful Allied Health Clinic’, which was released in 2015 and is still the only Amazon best seller written on health business development.  

Jason Pilgrim’s education delivery for AEP’s is very extensive. Presenting at every ESSA small Business Forum since its start in 2009, as well as numerous ESSA accredited seminars, state chapter events and other professional development courses every year for the past 5 years. Jason also spends numerous days onstage conducting 2 and 3-day seminars as part of their business development program within the Global Kaizen Group every quarter. Team days and various educational delivery formats are all within his repertoire, including online webinars, live business presentations internationally and is usually completing 2 or 3 keynote presentations for universities and other business organisations every year. 

Jason was also on the NSW ESSA Board for 6 years, including nearly 5 years as NSW State President and then moved on to National Board as national Treasurer of ESSA for 3 years. He has also completed a maximum 5-year presidential term as the president of the Hawkesbury City Chamber of Commerce and has been instrumental in meetings and presentations at a state and federal politician level in the past 5 years. Vast amounts of presentations and educational delivery services have been provided to schools and sporting organisations over many years as well. 

Jason Pilgrim graduated from university in 2003 and had already set up his first company before graduation. His first company was called In2 Motion and has since expanded into additional stand-alone clinics in multiple areas of Australia and In2 Motion has since gone on to be the most awarded allied health clinic in Australian health business history. Jason also started up a corporate health company called IRS Australia to work with multinationals such as Woolworths, Qantas and other organisations.

Further business development success has come about with Jason being the founder of the Global Kaizen Group which includes business development opportunities, programs, seminars, conferences and also has a large health, fitness and medical importing distribution arm from overseas with product distribution within Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America.  

He has since gone on to do significant business dealings with multiple millionaires and several billionaires around the world and is involved in varying business channels from IT health app development, Cosmetic Skin Therapies and his latest venture in America sees him as joint founder of a 1.2-billion-dollar supply chain company which includes financial services to the Fortune 500 companies.

Despite his amazing wealth of business acumen, Jason has never lost sight of his professional background and love for the health, fitness, medical and wellness industries within Australia and completes vast amounts of philanthropic activities to improve the allied health industry of Australia.  


Perth: 5 October 2019
Sydney: 2 November 2019
Melbourne: 9 November 2019


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