Lungs in Action Online Theory

Lungs in Action Online Theory is a fully online continuing education tool for those who play a role in exercising people with chronic stable lung conditions and/or Heart Failure, or who are part of a broader multi disciplinary team that provides these services. It also serves as the theatrical training and prerequisite for those who would like to become a Lungs in Action Instructor. (To become an instructor the Lungs in Action Instructor Accreditation course must also be completed.  Further information on this training option can be found here:

As a stand alone training option Lungs in Action Online Theory is a great way for exercise professionals to expand their knowledge and understanding with up to date best practice on exercise management, safety and limitations with this clientele.

The fact that there are now 1 in 7 Australian’s over 40 years of age with COPD (BOLD, 2013) exercise professionals are now faced with an overwhelming amount of clients who are diagnosed, or show signs of chronic lung conditions. It is important that exercise and health professionals are knowledgeable in this area to ensure safety and optimal outcomes for these clients.

This comprehensive online training program comprises of over 300 slides with pictures, voice over and videos to provide a classroom “feel”. You will also be provided with a downloadable workbook and training manual.

Presented by Lung Foundation
The content was developed under the guidance of experienced clinicians in the nominated fields from across the country. There are over 30 health professionals including but not limited to Cardiologists, Respiratory Physicians, Respiratory Physiotherapists, Clinical Nurse Consultants and Exercise Physiologists who have formed Expert Advisory Panels and Clinical Steering committees for this training. This group of people continue to be involved in the ongoing maintenance and updating of the training.

Course schedule
This is a fully online course that can be completed at any time. To commence the course please purchase via our online shop:


$242.00 per person per course

Contact details
For more information or to enrol, please contact the provider using the below details:

Lungs in Action Program Manager
Lung Foundation Australia 
Ph: 1800 654 301 


More Information
Further information on this training option can be found by clicking here.

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