Lungs in Action Practical

Lungs in Action is the community based exercise maintenance program for people with stable chronic lung conditions and/or heart failure (NYHA Class II & III) who have completed pulmonary/and or heart failure rehabilitation. 

In order to become a Lungs in Action Instructor exercise professionals complete the ‘Lungs in Action Full Instructor Training Package’ which comprises of combining the Lungs in Action Online Theory and the Lungs in Action Instructor Practical.

Lungs in Action instructors enjoy working as an extension of a team of health professionals in the rewarding area of chronic disease management. Successful programs see instructors gaining knowledge, extending their networks and developing excellent professional relationships with their referring mentors. Completing the Lungs in Action Practical can provide an important referral stream of clients.

Presented by Lung Foundation Australia

The content was developed under the guidance of experienced clinicians in the nominated fields from across the country. There are over 30 health professionals including but not limited to Cardiologists, Respiratory Physicians, Respiratory Physiotherapists, Clinical Nurse Consultants and Exercise Physiologists who have formed Expert Advisory Panels and Clinical Steering committees for this training. This group of people continue to be involved in the ongoing maintenance and updating of the training.

The Lungs in Action Practical Training requires the support of the local pulmonary and heart failure rehabilitation programs, and the identification of eligible mentor/s to oversee the assessments. Further information on the mentoring process can be found here

Course schedule
The schedule of the practical components of this course is dependent upon the schedule of the rehabilitation programs and mentors. This will be confirmed at enrolment. Please visit for full details.

The prerequisite of enrolling into this training is to have successfully completed the ‘LUNGS IN ACTION ONLINE THEORY ’ course. 


$192.50 per person per course

Contact details
For more information or to enrol, please contact the provider using the below details:

Lungs in Action 
Program Manager
Lung Foundation Australia
Ph: 1800 654 301

More information 
To find out more about completing the Lungs in Action Practical, including eligibility please click here.

To read about the Lungs in Action Full Instructor Training program please click here.