Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy

Get the BEST Insights and Skills in Tendinopathy Management With a World Leading Expert

Dr Malliaras has condensed over a decade of knowledge and experience providing you with a simple and straightforward approach that is world leading. You will develop highly effective clinical reasoning and practical skills and master the assessment and management of patients with tendinopathy.

Pete has a respected international research profile, and is consulted by many people for a second opinion regarding their tendon injuries, including elite athletes and performers (eg football, rugby, ballet, and tennis). He sees over 30 tendinopathy patients in clinic per week, so you get an up-to-date and clinical perspective.
Whether you are a new graduate or very experienced exercise professional, you will come away
with practical knowledge and skills that you can apply

Describe the structure, function and adaptation of tendon
Describe the latest research relating to the pathogenesis, pain and aetiology of tendinopathy and how this applies to clinical management
Demonstrate accurate and systematic diagnosis/differential diagnosis of common lower limb tendinopathies
Identify common movement patterns associated with tendinopathy
Identify relevant kinetic chain factors in managing lower limb tendinopathy patients
Plan rehabilitation strategies for common lower limb tendinopaties among patients with different clinical presentations
Justify the use of conservative adjuncts (eg orthotics, manual therapy, electrotherapy, etc) and injections in different tendinopathy presentations
Presented by Dr Peter Malliaras

Dr Peter Malliaras is a Physiotherapist who specialises in tendinopathy. He completed his undergraduate physiotherapy degree at La Trobe University in 1996, and his PhD in tendinopathy in 2006. Currently Peter spends three days per week in clinical practice were he only sees tertiary referrals of persistent and unresponsive tendon pain. He is regularly consulted in the management of elite athletes, including football, netball, basketball, track athletes, etc.

The remainder of his week, Peter focuses on clinical education and research. He is part of an international research group and supervises several students undertaking tendinopathy related research. He has published widely and given several international Invited conference lectures in the area of tendinopathy. He is currently a Research Fellow at Queen Mary, University of London, and La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.

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