Tune Up Your Biomechanics with Small Pilates Equipment (Short Course)

This course will add huge variety to your classes. The course covers over 80 exercises ranging from easy rehab-based repertoire to some very challenging advanced exercises to really extend your clients. Compliment your classes, help increase your client retention and receive more referrals. The ball, magic circle and foam roller exercises are also perfect for home exercise prescriptions, pre and post pregnancy clients and your rehabilitation clients.  

The course includes two online units (PILEQU506 and PILEQU507) - each with an extensive manual - as well as the full day of face to face training.
Easily integrate this small apparatus exercises into your normal classes
Adds variety and challenge into your classes
Suitable for clients at all levels, from rehab to elite athletes
Using small apparatus provides:
a more ‘all over’ body workout
increased balance and coordination, especially with your elderly clients
increased muscle tone
individualised exercises for each client
Ideal for your pregnant clients

This course is a full day, but individual components (Magic Circle- ½ day, Foam Roller ½ day may be taken separately). 

Presented by Tracey Nicholson, Bruce Hildebrand, Caroline Howard, Natalie Murray, Leanne Mollison

24 July 2020 Emerald (Melbourne), VIC
14 August 2020 Adelaide, SA
18 September 2020 Port Macquarie, NSW
18 September 2020 Sunshine Coast, QLD
25 September 2020  Central Coast, NSW
27 November 2020 Richmond (Melbourne), VIC
19 February 2021 Richmond (Melbourne), VIC
26 June 2021 Drummoyne (Sydney), NSW

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Tracey Nicholson:  Tracey Nicholson is a Pilates practitioner with extensive experience in education and rehabilitation who has owned and directed her own Pilates studio for 16 years. With a strong background in adult education, a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, a Bachelors Degree in Education, a Graduate Certificate in Pilates Based Rehabilitation and a Diploma in Contemporary Pilates Teaching Methodology, she brings a wealth of knowledge to each of her trainings.  With a strong background in adult education, a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, a Bachelors Degree in Education, a Graduate Certificate in Pilates Based Rehabilitation and a Diploma in Contemporary Pilates Teaching Methodology, she brings a wealth of knowledge to each of her trainings. More recently, she coauthored Australia’s first accredited Pilates courses and became the executive director of Tensegrity Training.  She has presented at conferences in Australia, the United States and Israel and she currently delivers training in Pilates and Movement Based Somatic Therapy. Together with her national role as educator, Tracey operates a Movement Therapy centre on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland – Tensegrity Studio, which uses aspects of the Pilates Method, Garuda, Somatics, Developmental Movement and Laban Movement Analysis with clients of all ages.

Qualifications and Experience:
Bachelor of Education
Graduate Certificate Pilates Based Rehabilitation
Diploma Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology
Diploma Dance Movement Therapy
Certificate IV Training and Assessment
Bruce Hildebrand:  Bruce Hildebrand’s keen love of sports and movement began at a young age. His interests led him to a sports science program at RMIT Melbourne, and he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Movement in 1997. He then travelled to the UK in 1999 and trained in Pilates with Body Control Pilates UK (BCP-UK). He went on to work in the BCP-UK central London studio alongside some of their most experienced training teachers.  Bruce’s enthusiasm for Pilates led him to train with teachers from around the world, including Siri Dharma from Los Angeles and Michael Miller from Colorado.In 2002, Bruce began to study with world-renowned movement and imagery expert Eric Franklin. Bruce went on to complete the full Franklin Method certification, and was the pioneer Franklin Method® Educator in Australia in 2004. In 2003 Bruce was invited to manage the first BCP-UK studio in Scotland, where he worked with members of UK rock band Radiohead and members of the cast of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Bruce was the co-founder of Balance & Control Pilates Studio in Melbourne in 2004. Balance & Control has grown to three studios and a team of 20 Pilates and Physiotherapy practitioners who each share a passion for movement, exercise, and rehabilitation.  Bruce has delivered Pilates Instructor training programs since 2012, and is now a Course Provider with Tensegrity Training delivering the Cert IV and Diploma qualifications. Bruce served as consultant Strength Coach to the Australian Ballet School from 2005-2011. He has trained a number of elite Australian sport and art performers, including Principal Artist with the Australian Ballet Madeleine Eastoe, AFL footballers James Hird, Andrew Welsh, Jason Johnson, Cale Hooker, Scott Gumbleton, Olympic athletes Lauren Hewitt and Krystal Weir, Australian Netballers Sharelle McMahon and Julie Corletto, and model Megan Gale. Bruce has participated in a wide range of sports including tennis, cricket, baseball, and athletics, with his main achievements being in AFL football. He was vice-captain of the VFL Under 19 representative team in 1995, and played at this state level for 4 years in the Victoria Football League and the Western Australia Football League. Bruce trekked the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu in Peru in 2000, sailed the Atlantic Ocean on crew with a maxi-yacht in 2001, and ran the 2002 London Marathon. As an adult, Bruce studied classical ballet for 6 years and has performed in a handful of amateur productions. Bruce enjoys the discipline of learning the piano, and the joy of being a devoted husband and father to two young children.

Qualifications and Experience:
B. App. Sc. (Human Movement)
Body Control Pilates (UK) Certified Pilates Teacher
Certified Franklin Method ® Movement Educator
Member, Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA) & Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA)
NLP Practitioner Training 2009
Cert IV Training and Assessment
Seventeen years Pilates teaching experience
Strength Coach Consultant to the Australian Ballet School 2006-2011
Caroline Howard:  Carolyn Howard started her Pilates journey over 15 years ago when living in Tasmania. A keen runner, Carolyn had sustained an injury and was told by her medical practitioner to stop running. Thankfully, her osteopath mentioned that she had heard about this, then little known, discipline called Pilates that had a very holistic approach to wellness and rehabilitation. Immediately captivated by the mind / body connection of the practice Carolyn had found her calling…and still runs today. In the Pilates method Carolyn could see the opportunity to reach the needs of individuals who were looking for anything from peak performance to injury recovery and from being the best version of themselves to degenerative physical condition rehabilitation. Carolyn saw the various elements of Pilates as pieces of a puzzle that could be put together to meet the diverse goals of her clients. Today Carolyn practices from her renowned studio in Port Macquarie NSW,  Bodiline Pilates Studio and is very committed to her role as a course provider for Tensegrity Training. Carolyn is a Principle Trainer in the Pilates method, the highest level of membership from the Pilates Alliance – received in recognition of her experience and qualifications.

Qualifications and Experience:
Bachelor of Communications
Advanced Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction
Diploma in Remedial Massage
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Natalie Murray:  Natalie started her Pilates career in 1996 at Body Control Pilates after completing a Diploma in Sports Injury Therapies at ACNT. In 2000 Natalie joined the team at Solutions for Pain and Injury in Drummoyne and managed the Pilates studio until March 2012. In 2002 Natalie completed a Graduate Certificate in the Pilates Method at UTS. Over the years Natalie has continued to pursue her knowledge of Pilates and movement therapies. She is a level 4 Pilates Practitioner member of the APMA as well as a member of the PAA. Natalie holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessing and is an accredited Pilates course provider with Tensegrity Training (RTO # 60182). Natalie teaches 52728WA Certificate IV in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology and 10596NAT Diploma in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology as well as short courses. During her time at Solutions for Pain and Injury, Natalie worked with an extensive range of clients. These included athletes, dancers, people with neurological disorders, pre and post natal, pre and post operative, elderly, stress management and many more, assisting them in their recovery, focussing on their core and muscle recruitment. Over the years she has helped people get their body and life on track by integrating safe and corrective exercises. Helping people take back control over their bodies is an integral part of her philosophy. Whether you are looking at doing Pilates as an adjunct to your daily routine or needing something more specific Natalie has the experience.

Qualifications and Experience:
Graduate Certificate in Pilates Method
Diploma in Sports Injury Therapies
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Leanne Mollison: Leanne has over 19 years experience teaching Pilates in Australia and overseas, and she has also been a professional dancer with major dance companies such as Australian Dance Theatre, Leigh Warren and Dancers, Expressions Dance Company and Dance North. Leanne developed and wrote South Australia’s first Certificate IV and Diploma level Pilates Qualifications and she delivered these courses for five years in South Australia. She also designed and offered an industry-based Pilates Therapy Instruction in Mat and Equipment Work course and provided the first ever Pilates training to Adelaide and South Australia. As the Director of Queen Street Pilates in Adelaide, she and her team of friendly staff are trained to high standards in her own Pilates techniques, with an emphasis on personal client service and care.

Qualifications and Experience:
Associate Diploma of Arts (Dance)
Diploma of Pilates Therapy Instruction
Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology
Certificate IV in Pilates Therapy Instruction
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Certification in Applied Kinesiology (Working Body, USA)

Course Duration: 1 day

Manual is included and you will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance

$800 plus $50 non-refundable enrolment fee

Course Schedule

24 July 2020 Emerald (Melbourne), VIC
14 August 2020 Adelaide, SA
18 September 2020 Port Macquarie, NSW
18 September 2020 Sunshine Coast, QLD
25 September 2020  Central Coast, NSW
27 November 2020 Richmond (Melbourne), VIC
19 February 2021 Richmond (Melbourne), VIC
26 June 2021 Drummoyne (Sydney), NSW

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Pre-requisite is the requirement to have completed studies in Exercise Science, Physiotherapy or similar.

Optional assessment for the nationally accredited unit of competency ART13 Teach Pilates Roller and ART18 Teach Pilates Progress and Release. Additional assessment requirements and fee ($150) apply.


Contact details

For more information or to enrol in the course, please contact the provider on the below details:

Tensegrity Training
Dr Kevin Redd
Ph: 0417 370 141
Em: admin@tensegritytraining.com.au