Postural Analysis & Functional Assessment Online Workshop

This practical workshop is ideal for health professionals who are looking to improve their skills and confidence with performing the initial static and dynamic postural assessment.

Once establishing the optimal posture, we will then look at how to identify areas of weakness and loss of mobility in your client through static and dynamic postural assessments. You will be taken through a comprehensive selection of range of motion and flexibility tests, followed by some of the most common postural problems and specific exercise programs to address them.

Topics Covered Include:

Part 1: Static Postural Assessment
¨ What is optimal posture?
¨ Performing a static postural assessment
¨ Common postural dysfunctions
¨ Gravitational strain syndrome
¨ Strengthening exercises to address gravitational strain syndrome
¨ Stretches to address gravitational strain syndrome

Part 2: Dynamic Postural Assessments
¨ Including: gait analysis, compensatory patterns during gait, essential balance assessments, sit to stand, overhead squat assessment, scapulo-humeral rhythm assessment, push up assessment, core activation, core endurance tests, gluteal firing test, waiter bow assessment.

Part 3: Range of Movement Mobility Assessments
¨ Including: pec major / minor length test, latissimus dorsi length test, bent knee hamstring test, straight leg raise, knee to wall test, gastrocnemius test, thomas test, lumbar spine mobility tests.

Part 4: Postural Correction Exercises
¨ Including: deep core muscle activation (breathing, tra & pelvic floor), core activation with movements, squats progressions, lunges progressions, deadlift exercises push-up progressive strengthening, push up progressions.

What you will get:
A printed comprehensive workshop manual and course notes
A certificate of completion
A professionally delivered, personal and practical workshop in a small group
Presented by Merrin Martin
Merrin is the owner of Active Rehab Solutions (previously known as Active Anatomy Health Professional Education). Since 2007 she has been developing and presenting workshops to health professionals around Australia in addition to running a successful physiotherapy clinic in Sydney. Merrin has extensive lecturing experience within the fitness industry and is regarded as an expert in her role as educator in specific exercise programs and managing injuries.

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