Posture, Pain and Function

Posture, Pain and Function is an online Professional Development course developed for Allied Health and Fitness Professionals. The course covers principles relating to alignment and postural problems, static postural and gait analysis, assessment guidelines, corrective and contraindicated exercises, and stretches for common postural conditions. The course also covers Ergonomic assessments and referral to other health professionals.

Learning Outcomes
* To understand the importance of posture and principles relating to alignment and postural dysfunction
* Identify causes of poor posture
* Understand ideal postural alignment profiles
* Perform a static postural assessment
* Perform a Gait Analysis
* Identify the short and long muscles for common postural conditions
* Follow assessment guidelines when performing postural assessments (static assessment and gait analysis)
* Prescribe corrective exercises for common postural conditions
* Understand and identify contraindicated exercises for common postural conditions
* Prescribe appropriate mobilisation exercises and stretches for common postural conditions
* Perform an Ergonomic Assessment
* Understand and implement appropriate examination and assessment guidelines for patients with common postural conditions
* Understand when to refer to other Health Professionals
* Applying leaning outcomes to case study applications


Presented by Emma Sansalone
Accredited Exercise Physiologist Emma Sansalone established Rehab Training in 2009. She assesses and treats a range of chronic health conditions and injuries and has a special interest in Musculoskeletal, Neurological and Cardiac-Respiratory Rehabilitation. As a Health Professional Associate with Musculoskeletal Australia, she also has extensive experience and knowledge in assessing and managing various types of Arthritis. Emma also runs Gentle Exercise Classes for older adults within the community. Emma is Accredited with ESSA as an Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist and presented at the ESSA Business Forum in 2011. She also lectures and writes courses within the Allied Health and Fitness industries. Emma has worked in a variety of rehabilitation settings including private practice, hospitals, clinics, community centres, nursing homes and fitness centres.

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