Process Behind Exercise Selection for the Knee

How do you go about selecting which exercises to program for your clients? 

With so many exercises to select from, what process do you use to ensure best results? 
Having clear processes to follow, results in exercise choices that we are confident in, and can justify. It leads to the best outcomes for our clients. 
In this course we look at the process behind exercise selection specifically in regards to the knee.

We will address:
● knee anatomy and address knee stability and the multiaxial movements of the joint
● force transfer and power in the knee, and how the knee works with the knee, hip and ankle to make up the lower kinematic chain
● common knee dysfunctions and related clinical considerations for exercise selection
● the training needs of athletes and other populations
● the role of the knee in lower body exercises
● breaking exercises down into muscles and movements and from here build programs to address case studies.

Learning outcomes:
● Understand the role of the knee in movement, stability and power
● Review clinical considerations in selecting an appropriate program for your client
● Identify which muscles and movements you will focus on with your client
● Break down knee exercises into muscles and movements
● Address client case studies by selecting appropriate exercises and justifying your choice

Presented by Paul Peglar, Sami Gurdon and Lisa Campbell
Paul Peglar          
Sports Therapist 
Accredited Exercise Physiologist 
Accredited Sports Scientist 
Paul is the Owner and Director of START Training and has 13 years of clinical experience in the allied health industry. He graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Sports Therapy from the University of North London. He is an ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist, and his caseload focuses on musculoskeletal rehabilitation within both clinical and athletic populations. He currently lectures at a University level, having worked with Masters students in both Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy.   
With an innate understanding of anatomical and physiological principles, Paul works in both manual treatment and exercise prescription for injury prevention and rehabilitation. He has been employed by elite sporting teams in both a manual treatment and strength and conditioning capacity. Paul regularly runs professional development and has a passion for ongoing education within the industry.

Sami Gurdon
Accredited Exercise Physiologist 
Accredited Exercise Scientist 
Competitive Gymnastics Coach – Advanced Accreditation 
Graduating with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Hons.) from QUT in early 2014, Sami has combined her coaching experience and formal education and developed a unique skill set as a sports coach and an expertise in the area of aesthetic sports. 
Sami has 11 years experience coaching competitive gymnastics in Australia, USA and the UK and has produced many State Champions, State medalists, Qld Representatives and National Club Championship medalists. 
Her special interest is in athletic development and injury prevention for adolescent and mature athletes across all sports. Sami also specialises in musculoskeletal programming including; end-stage injury rehabilitation, movement assessment screening, advanced periodised programming, injury prevention and/or chronic injury management programs as well as exercise programming for postural correction.

Lisa Campbell 
Accredited Exercise Physiologist 
Accredited Sports Scientist  
Sports Medicine Australia Accreditation  
Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Level 1 
Competitive Gymnastics Coach - Advanced Accreditation      
Lisa completed her degree at the University of Queensland and is currently studying for her Masters in Sports Science, majoring in strength and conditioning for athletes. 
Her passion lies in track and field where she trains and competes nationally in pole vault. Coming from a competitive background she works and trains with elite level track and field athletes. She has a vast understanding of developmental training and rehabilitation for strength and power sports. Her track and field history give her experience in running mechanics and biomechanical analysis for power and speed development. Lisa has a strong history of youth athletic development, acute injury rehabilitation, and balancing strength and conditioning with sports specific development.

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