Rehab Made Simple

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of research on musculoskeletal pain?

This 100% online course will help you climb above the clutter and see pain and musculoskeletal rehabilitation clearly.

In 25 hours of content, you will learn:
Current best practice care for musculoskeletal pain, as defined by multiple national and international clinical guidelines
A simple and flexible process for applying best practice care
How to screen for red flags, and use this process to reassure your clients
How to interpret scan reports to reassure your client
How to conduct a thorough physical examination based on current evidence
How to identify psychosocial factors contributing to pain and disability
How to partner with your clients to address ALL the factors contributing to their pain and disability
How to apply this simple process to pain or disability in any body part, or multiple body parts

This 100% online course includes over 25 hours of content, and you have access for 12 months. The course includes a private Facebook group where you can interact with your teacher, and fellow students.
Presented by Raphael Bender
Raphael is an AEP and founder of Breathe Education, based in Melbourne Australia. He has trained with Peter O’Sullivan, Lorimer Moseley, Gregory Lehmann and Ben Cormack, and has interviewed many leading researchers and thinkers in biopsychosocial care for his blog 

Raphael’s superpower is to condense complex research into clear, simple, actionable points. He uses it in support of his mission to help people move fearlessly, thoughtlessly and painlessly.

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