Rehab Trainer Practitioner

3-day Intensive course for Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists / Physical Therapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors, offering hands-on assessment and treatment techniques from elite Sports Physios who specialise in Muscle Imbalance Correction and Functional Movement Training.

True to the pattern of education of Rehab Trainer Group, this course for Rehab Practitioners is:

* highly prac-based rather than academic in nature,
* more concerned with dysfunctional movements and muscle imbalances than pathologies, 
* big on how to fix and find solutions via the dual approach of effective loosening techniques and powerful activation / movement retraining drills
* techniques learnt will apply to the clinic bed, as well as to the gym and the yoga mat 
* can easily applied to the elderly with osteoarthritis, 
* through to the athlete with niggling problems hampering their performance,
* and certainly to the active mother or father struggling with aches and pains as they manage work and raise a family.

What you will get
* 3 days face-to-face intensely practical workshops
* Specifically designed for injury specialists of all backgrounds
* Receive Posture Pro, theratube, Pocket Physio, Rehab Wand plus also a Seatbelt!
* Get the in-depth, hands-on assessment and treatment techniques of elite Sports Physios who specialize in Muscle Imbalance Correction and Functional Movement Training!
* Full course Prospectus can be downloaded from registration page given below.

Presented by Mark David and Chris Mallac

SYDNEY: Mark Davis:
Mark is a physiotherapist and a true leader in Australia in the areas

of gym-based rehabilitation, prehab, optimizing function and performance based exercise prescription. He is a regular presenter at national fitness industry conventions such as Filex, and has been seminal in the development of new material and teaching of the fitness industry in the area of exercise and rehabilitation for 25 years.

MELBOURNE: Chris Mallac:
Chris is a highly qualified Physiotherapist and Human Movement Educator, writes extensively for the monthly web based Sports Injury Bulletin, and writes the weekly ‘Sports Injury Doctor’ ezine. He has worked with elite level State and National level rugby and football teams in Australia, more recently in the UK as Head of Performance for London Irish Rugby Union and he now currently consults to a professional French Rugby Union team. 

Course schedule
CPD Points

             Members                                    $     1250 / 1070 full rate / EB

             Non Members                       $     1350 / 1170 full rate / EB

             Student Members                  $     1150 / 1050 full rate / EB               

             Student Non Members            $     1250 / 1070 full rate / EB                


Registering on website portal requires entering your particular situation – evidence of membership and student status is required.     


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**Payment plans available at no extra cost** Please register first with $200 deposit on website.  

Contact details
For more information or to enrol in the course, please contact the provider using the below details.
Ulrik Larsen

Rehab Trainer

Ph: 0423861342