RunStrong: Guiding the Runner from Assessment to Performance

This PDO opportunity will take the attendees through the following: Inclusions for a history taking for runners limited by injury or focused on performance; linking gait analysis to injury presentations; progressing from gait observations to functional and clinical assessments to get to the root of the problem; corrective exercises to overcome the dysfunctional patterns; progressing corrective exercise to performance-focused strength training. This PDO is largely practical in nature, but includes an extensive review of the current scientific literature as well as a detailed practical manual. 

Presented by Scott Wood and Max Martin:

Scott Wood ESSAM, AEP
Scott Wood is Senior Exercise Physiologist at iNform Health and Fitness Solutions and has been working full-time in Clinical Practice for over 10 years exclusively in the field of movement correction through exercise prescription. Scott also develops the teaching materials and facilitates workshops for Corrective Exercise Australia and has taught in this field all over Australia. Scott is an avid runner who has used his skills and knowledge to help runners of varying abilities to maximise their running performance.

Max Martin ESSAM, AEP
Max Martin is a Director of iNform Health and Fitness Solutions and Corrective Exercise Australia, as well as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with over 15 years experience working in Clinical Practice. Max also has vast experience teaching and presenting at Universities, TAFE, National Conferences and Symposiums and also privately for Corrective Exercise Australia. Max is a passionate runner and utilises his skills and knowledge to help runners maximise their potential.  

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