This workshop is devised in 2 parts and has been designed for exercise physiologists, exercise scientists and physiotherapists seeking more understanding about exercise for the upper quadrant. 

The first will cover shoulder anatomy, biomechanics and motor control. This will include considerations for exercise to ensure minimal risk of injury, and how to progress exercises safely. Both practical and theoretical components will be included. The second part of this workshop will cover pathology, pathophysiology of common shoulder injuries and considerations for this in exercise program design. 

This workshop will be a combination of both theory and practical exercise skills.

The exercise focus for this workshop will be on restoration of mobility and stability of the shoulder. This will include progressive low grade activities to assist in improving motor control and to commence strengthening to return the individual to normal functional activities.

Exercises integrating stretching activities, light loading, theraband and light resistive training will be integrated into the days teaching. 

Case based applications will be utilised through the day a range of conditions including rotator cuff strains, shoulder instabilities, AC joint injuries and impingement type syndromes.
Presented by Donna McCook
Donna McCook is qualified Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist with 27 years of clinical experience and ongoing education in both areas. 

Donna is a Director at Core Healthcare Group and has been a key part of the business’ development over the past 10 years. The business has expanded in that time through SEQ to 18 clinical sites and over 40 staff. She works full time in this role as a clinician, and as a mentor to clinical staff. Her specialty clinically is low back pain, pre and post op spinal and shoulder rehabilitation and pain management. 

Donna had completed post graduate studies in both clinically applied exercise science and physiotherapy and has years of experience conducting and developing lectures, seminars and workshops in the arenas of health and fitness internationally. Donna’s post graduate research has focused on the changes in muscle activity in the lumbar and abdominal muscles in people with low back pain.

Donna is the Managing director of MedFit – Medically Focused Fitness, through which this is her 11th year of developing, designing and presenting clinically relevant workshops and seminars for health and fitness professionals
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Townsville: 7 April 2019
Sydney: 9 June 2019
Perth: 14 June 2019
Adelaide: 24 July 2019

Contact details
Donna McCook
MedFit Pty Ltd

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