Technical Lifting with the Science of Strength Training

This course you will give you the basic knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles behind how to teach the squat, bench press and deadlift.

As well as how these exercises relate to performing similar movements such as lat-pulldowns, rows, overhead press, Olympic lifts, lunges and how to effectively modify an exercise or correct flaws in an individual’s technique.

“As an experienced Strength & Conditioning coach I’ve been blown away by the knowledge and coaching by Shannon Green. I have applied many of these lessons to the athletes I coach with immediate carry over. I highly encourage any fitness professionals & coaches involved in strength training attend this course. It’s not often you get to learn from a true master in the field with the level of both theoretical and practical experience as Shannon Green.”

Chris Bartels – Exercise Physiologist | Level 3 ASCA S&C Coach

Learning Outcomes
Recognise the important prerequisites for technical lifting including the squat, deadlift and bench press.
Perform a safety check of an exercise area and identify if there are any risks present.
Teach, supervise, observe and provide feedback on technical lifts including the squat, deadlift, bench press and lat pulldown.
Describe a range of coaching cues for each exercise associated with technical lifting.
Plan and apply a beginner to intermediate level program specific to technical lifting.
The course is presented by highly experienced strength & conditioning coaches along with an experienced ESSA accredited exercise physiologists & sports scientists who has an extensive background in strength & conditioning and weightlifting.

Presented by Dr Luke Del Vecchio & Shannon Green

Dr Luke Del Vecchio 
Luke Delvecchio is a Level 2 accredited sports scientist and develops programs to enhance human performance. An experienced educator, researcher and a specialist in human performance, Luke runs high performance testing and has developed content and presents Australian Combat & Exercise seminars, workshops and CPD programs.

Luke is a highly skilled career professional with over 10 years practical experience in corporate health, primary care and occupational rehabilitation environments. He is a well-established and experienced Exercise Physiologist and accredited Sports Scientist who helps enhance people’s well-being through the delivery of clinical exercise and lifestyle programs. Luke has heads combat research programs at Australian Combat & Exercise with the aim to increase the body of literature in combat sports. Luke has a PhD in Sports Science, where he investigated the effects of concurrent sprint and resistance training on sprint-cycling performance in masters track cyclists.

Shannon Green
Shannon has travelled the world to learn from some of the best powerlifters, coaches, sports scientists, therapists, researchers & doctors. These include Dr Layne Norton, Charles Poliquin, Dr Mike Isratel, Eric Helms, Derek Woodskee, Matt Wenning, and so many more.

Shannon has also worked closely with ESSA sports scientist Dr Luke Del Vecchio to compare the effects of a 10 week strength & conditioning program on punching & kicking power on combat athletes.

He’s a certified Sports Massage Therapist & Strength and Conditioning Coach and has worked with athletes of various sports – MMA, BJJ, Kickboxing, Boxing, Judo, Rugby Union & League, Track & Field, Highland Games, Strongman, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding & Figure, Rowing, Surf Life Saving, Iron Man, Triathlon, CrossFit and extensive work in back rehabilitation.

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