The Non-Diet Approach Coaching for Fitness & Exercise Professionals

We've dieted for too long! Despite diets failing some 95% of us, we have continued with this recipe for un-success. It's time to set aside punishing ourselves with that which sustains and gives us life - food. Time to be free from guilt, restriction, and admonishment.

As a client-first approach designed to support the self-determination process coaching is a perfect vehicle for a non-diet approach to improved health. This course will explore the long and unsuccessful history of dieting, societies weight bias and body image challenges and their influence on body satisfaction, body image, and personal wellbeing. You'll review the influence of media and social media, the thin ideal and self-comparison. The non-diet approach is framed by the Health At Every Size (HAES®) movement, the course walks through how to reconnect to natural body cues of hunger and fullness in order to eat for health and nourishment of the mind, body and soul. It covers the importance of acceptance of all foods, and of the natural diversity of body sizes and shapes, and looks at ways to find joyful expressions of movement. Students are provided with a selection of tools and templates, as well as our Nourish & Flourish Client Booklet to support the change process and client self-determination. A truly amazing course that will set you and your clients free to love themselves and the body they live in.

Presented by Leanne Cooper 
Leanne Cooper has studied extensively with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Education), a Diploma in Nutrition, and finally post graduate certificates in both Higher Education and Human Nutrition. She started out in private practice specializing in sports nutrition for athletes and elite level teams while lecturing. Leanne then developed online courses which has seen the rise of Well College Global. Well College Global is now an international provider of Nutrition and Health training courses. As a published author of two books, most recently Change The Way You Eat, Leanne is passionate about a non-diet based approach to healthful eating and to community wellbeing.

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