The Roman Method: Client Centred Approach to Retraining Motor Control

The workshop is designed to introduce Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapist to the Roman Method, a tool for teaching all forms of exercises. The Roman Method is a holistic approach that integrates the understanding of Neuroplasticity and the principles of Positive Psychology to create a Client Centred Approach to Motor Control Learning.

The focus is on creating an environment of learning that is slightly stressful but safe. This is to encourage the client to engage their problem solving skills and assist them in identifying their own restrictions of movement and why it is occurring. We explore how the brain can change through the use of Positive and Negative Re-enforcers to establish new patterns and how we can prepare the brain to better adapt to unforeseen forces placed upon it during performance.

The concept of creating stability throughout the body by improving mobility will be explored. The roll of emotions, poor posture, fascia, motor control, stress and perception of pain will be examined in regard to how they can restrict movement. Participants will learn to identify faulty or inefficient movement patterns and understand how Eccentric training, as well as, the use of Balance Training can effectively enhance motor learning and improve movement and overall performance. Participants will be exposed to number of training tool i.e. Pilates, Incline, Suspension, Vertical, SurfSet etc., in order to broaden their movement training experience for greater to exercise prescription.

Presented by Thomas Roman:

M.Ed. University of Georgia
BA Michigan State University
Diploma Pilates
Certificate IV Personal Trainer
IKO Karate Black Belt
Tom has over 30 years experience working in the fitness industry. He has taught everything from Step, Pump, and Aerobics to Pilates group classes.  He has operated a highly successful training studio, Roman Pilates, for over 17 years. Tom has developed a Fitness Australia and ESSA Accredited Course “Client-Centred Approach to Retraining Motor Control.” This course explores how the brain learns and how this knowledge can be used to teach movement skills. This method is used as the foundation for teaching all types of movement tools such as SUFSET, Pilates Studio equipment, Suspension, Vertical and Incline Training for professionals in the Fitness and Rehabilitation Industry who are focusing on Functional Movement Training. This method has been used by Physiotherapy practices in New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. 

Course schedule
Sydney: 7 - 8 March 2020
Sydney: 4 - 5 April 2020

CPD Points

Members                                   $1050.00
Non Members                          $1100.00
Student Members                   $990.00
Student Non Members           $1050.00

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