Wellness Coaching Level 3 – Professional Studies in Wellness Coaching

Level 3 – Professional Studies in Wellness Coaching, is the ideal for those seeking to work as a professional Wellness Coach in a variety of environments whether this is in education, a medical setting, the corporate world, or in the fitness industry in a clearly defined Wellness Coach capacity.

Level 3 delivers 60 hours of training over 14 weeks, in a combination of self study, webinars, coaching circles and face to face learning (or distance option).

The course builds on the knowledge gained in Level 1 and 2, exploring both the practical and theoretical elements of coaching, focusing on increasing competency and confidence to practice as a professional Wellness Coach.  On completion of this course students will come away with:
A greater knowledge of the background of coaching as a means of creating change.
The ability to use core coaching skills effortlessly in creating a relationship that optimises positivity and results.
A deeper understanding and insight into the use of positive psychology to improve both the individual and society’s wellbeing.
A format for running coaching sessions and programs that is simple, effective and reproducible without the need for extensive preparation or anxiety,
Experience in how to work with clients who show strong or subtle resistance to change and the skill of engaging these clients in their own change journey.
The foundation for a business plan and the knowledge of how to go about setting up their own coaching business or promote their services within the corporate arena.
A good understanding of how to run group programs and the opportunity to license a carefully designed exciting new group program under the banner of Wellness Coaching Australia.
Presented by Fiona Cosgrove and the Wellness Coaching Australia Team

Fiona Cosgrove is the founder and Managing Director of WCA. With over 25 years experience in the health, fitness and wellness industries, Fiona has a vast depth of experience ranging from health club owner, university lecturer, keynote speaker, wellness coach trainer, counsellor, author and in 2011/2012 was National General Manager of  The Golden Door group of health retreats. She holds Masters Degrees in Exercise Science and in Counselling and is a certified and licensed Wellness Coach with Wellcoaches USA.

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