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Course Name 






    ISAK Level 1 Anthropometry Course       Exercise Research Australia      Instructor


    Gait Analysis & Retraining – Online     Redfern Black    Online


    Health Business Building Intensive  
   Global Kaizen Group Pty Ltd.    Instructor/Online


    Breast Cancer PD: A Professional Development Course for Exercise Specialists    Exercise Oncology EDU    Instructor/Online
    Prostate Cancer PD: A Professional Development Course for Exercise Specialists
   Exercise Oncology EDU    Instructor/Online
    EX-MED Cancer PD: A Professional Development Course for Exercise Specialists     Exercise Oncology EDU    Instructor/Online
    Exercise Oncology at ECU  
   Edith Cowan University    Instructor/Online

Chronic Conditions

    Understanding Pain    Beyond Pain    Instructor


    Psychology, Behaviour Change and Wellbeing Management  
   Cadence Health    Online
    Wellbeing Management and Health Coaching Practices  
   Cadence Health    Online
    Level 1 – Foundations of Wellness Coaching  
   Wellness Coaching Australia    Instructor/Online
    Level 2 - Wellness Coaching Skills in Practice  
   Wellness Coaching Australia    Instructor/Online
    Level 3 – Professional Studies in Wellness Coaching
   Wellness Coaching Australia    Instructor/Online


    Empowering Conversations     
   Beyond Pain    Instructor


    BEAT IT Trainer Online Refresher Program     
   Diabetes NSW    Online
    BEAT IT: Physical Activity & Lifestyle Program  
   Diabetes NSW    Instructor/Online
    Diabetes and Exercise: A practical course for exercise professionals
   Diabetes NSW & ACT    Online


    Best Practice – Student Placements in Private Clinics       
   Moore Clinical Education Researchers and Specialists    Instructor


    Ergonomic Risk Assessments for Allied Health Professionals       
   Corporate Work Health Australia Pty Ltd    Instructor
    Office Ergonomic Workstation Set Up Training for Allied Health Professionals
   Corporate Work Health Australia Pty Ltd    Online

  Vehicle Ergonomic Risk Assessments for Allied Health Professionals
   Corporate Work Health Australia Pty Ltd    Instructor

Exercise Prescription

    Beginner quadriceps exercises for patellofemoral pain
   Evidence for Exercise®    Online
    Evidence-based exercise prescriptions
   Evidence for Exercise®    Online
    Evidence-based exercises: Jaw, Shoulder, Lateral Epicondylalgia, Plantar Fasciitis
   Evidence for Exercise®    Online
    Intermediate Exercises for the Gluteals 
   Evidence for Exercise®    Online
    Nordic Walking Training 
   Nordic Academy Australia    Instructor
    Advanced Exercise Selection for the Shoulder
   START Training    Instructor
    Process behind Exercise Selection for the Knee
   START Training    Instructor
    ACTIVATOR Program Course – Evidence-base Specialised Walking Poles   
   Urban Poling Inc    Instructor

Falls Prevention

    Otago Exercise Programme
   Evidence for Exercise®    Online

Functional Movement

    Postural Analysis & Functional Assessment       Active Rehab Solutions    Instructor
    Postural Analysis & Functional Assessment Online Workshop
   Active Rehab Solutions    Online
    MAT Functional Assessment, Treatment and Training Course
   Movement Assessment Technologies    Instructor/Online
    Posture, Pain and Function    Rehab Training    Online
    Stick Mobility Level One    RockTape    Instructor


    Healthy Eating, Activity & Lifestyle (HEAL™) Facilitator Training
   HEAL™ Project Team    Instructor/Online

Health and Wellness

    Wellness Wise Practitioner Training Program 
   Wellness Designs    Instructor


    Hydrotherapy: Introductory Course 
   Gateway Physiotherapy    Instructor
    Hydrotherapy for Chronic Disease
   Gateway Physiotherapy    Instructor

Motor Control

    RPX Method: Client Centred Approach to Retraining Motor Control
   RPX Fitness    Instructor


    Arthritis Essentials for Exercise Professionals    Arthritis & Osteoporosis Tasmania    Online
    Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy
   Complete Sports Care    Instructor
    Assessment and Exercise Rehabilitation in Rheumatoid Arthritis
   Rehab Training    Online
    Getting Ahead of Curve – The Modern Principles of Scoliosis Management
   ScoliCare Australia    Instructor
    Lumbar Spine Rehabilitation for Chronic Conditions  
   The BodyFix System    Instructor
    A Biopsychosocial Approach to the Cervical Spine and Shoulder
   The Knowledge Exchange    Instructor
    A Biopsychosocial Approach to the Lower Limb
   The Knowledge Exchange    Instructor
    A Biopsychosocial Approach to the Lumbar Spine and SIJ
   The Knowledge Exchange    Instructor


    Fascia & Foam Roller Online Workshop
   Active Rehab Solutions    Online
    Fascia & Foam Roller
   Active Rehab Solutions    Instructor
    BLACKROLL Functional Fascia Training
   BLACKROLL Australia    Instructor


    Neuroplasticity in Parkinson’s Course
   PD Warrior    Instructor
    Active Rehab for Stroke with Specialized Walking Poles to Improve Bilateral Movement, Balance and Mobility
   Urban Poling Inc    Online


    Nutrition Psychology; Food Choice and Eating Habits
   Cadence Health     Online

Pelvic Floor

    Pelvic Floor, Core and More    Victorian Continence Resource Centre    Instructor


    Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy
   Australian Pilates Method Association    Instructor
    Pilates Level 1 Equipment
   Pilates Institute of Queensland    Instructor
    Pilates Level 1 Matwork
   Pilates Institute of Queensland    Instructor
    Pilates Level 2 Equipment  
   Pilates Institute of Queensland    Instructor
    Pilates Level 2 Matwork    Pilates Institute of Queensland    Instructor
    Pilates Level 3 Equipment    Pilates Institute of Queensland    Instructor
    Small Apparatus - Balls, Bands, Rollers, Rings and OOV
   Pilates Institute of Queensland    Instructor
    Reformer Pilates for Exercise Professionals    Progressive Motion    Instructor
    Matwork Course    Studio Pilates International    Instructor
    Studio Pilates International Ball, Circle and Band Course
   Studio Pilates International    Instructor
    10596NAT Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology 
   Tensegrity Training    Instructor
    Pilates Short Course – Pregnancy in Motion and Active Pelvic Floor Training 
   Tensegrity Training    Instructor
    Pilates Short Course – Reformer Essentials 
   Tensegrity Training    Instructor
    Pilates Short Course – Small Equipment 
   Tensegrity Training    Instructor
    Pilates Short Course – Somatic Movement Education
   Tensegrity Training    Instructor
    Pilates Short Course – The Cadillac 
   Tensegrity Training    Instructor
    Pilates Short Course – Wunda Chair 
   Tensegrity Training    Instructor
    Reformer Intermediate & Advanced Repertoire Instruction 
   Tensegrity Training    Instructor

Program Design

    Designing and Delivering Health Lifestyle Courses and Facilitating Groups
   Cadence Health    Online


    Lungs in Action Online Theory   
   Lung Foundation Australia    Online
    Lungs in Action Practical 
   Lung Foundation Australia    Instructor/Online
    Pulmonary Rehabilitation Training Online (PRT Online)  
   Lung Foundation Australia    Online


    Core & Pelvis Active Rehab   
   Active Rehab Solutions    Instructor
    Core & Pelvis Active Rehab Online Workshop
   Active Rehab Solutions    Online
    Hip, Knee and Ankle Active Rehab 
   Active Rehab Solutions    Instructor
    Neck & Shoulder Active Rehab  
   Active Rehab Solutions    Instructor
    Neck & Shoulder Active Rehab Online Workshop
   Active Rehab Solutions    Online
    The Hip Active Rehab Online Workshop
   Active Rehab Solutions    Online
    The Rehab Solutions Weekend Workshop 
   Active Rehab Solutions    Instructor
    Rehab Made Simple
   Breathe Education    Online
    Pain Management in Practice Workshop  
   Empower Rehab    Instructor
    Lumbar Spine Rehabilitation – Part 1: The influence of injury, pain & pathology on exercise program design
   MedFit    Instructor
    Lumbar spine Rehabilitation – Part 3. Assessing Injury adaptations and understanding Rehab implications
   MedFit    Instructor
    Shoulder Rehab 1 - Making Sense of the Shoulder
   MedFit    Instructor

Sports Science

    Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority online education     
   ASADA    Online
    Boxing Skills & Fitness 
   Australian Combat & Exercise    Instructor
    HIIT Boxing & Kickboxing with Metabolic Conditioning (Level 2) 
   Australian Combat & Exercise    Instructor
    Science and Application of High Intensity Interval Training    HIIT Science Inc    Online
    Shoulder and Elbow injuries and Rehabilitation in Overhead Athletes
   Performance Physio + Fitness + Sports    Instructor
    Everything You Need to Build Explosive Speed 1 Day Course
   The Academy of Sport Speed and Agility    Instructor
   Victoria University    Online

Strength and Conditioning

    Technical Lifting with the Science of Strength Training
   Australian Combat & Exercise    Instructor
    Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training    Functional Training Institute    Instructor
    Kinetic Link Training (Functional Strength and Conditioning)
   Health Adventure    Instructor


    RockTape 1: Kinesiology Taping
   Rocktape Pty Ltd    Instructor

Womens Health

    Maternal Health for Professionals    Mia's Health    Instructor
    Exercising After Pregnancy for Optimal Outcomes
   Pilates Physio Style/Cadence Health    Online
    Pregnancy and Exercise for Optimal Outcomes  
   Pilates Physio Style/Cadence Health    Online
    Exercise Physiology in Pregnancy: Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Musculoskeletal
   The Womens Health Collective    Instructor
    Postnatal Considerations for Return to Exercise (Prolapse & DRAM)    The Womens Health Collective    Instructor