ESSA Online Activities

ESSA online activities are a type of ESSA PD and are the recordings of ESSA webinars. To earn ESSA CPD points, you are required to successfully complete the course, including the assessment with an 80% assessment pass mark. CPD points and PD certificate are uploaded to your online ESSA profile within 30 days of successfully completing the online activities.

Important Information:

  • Financial ESSA members receive promo codes to purchase a free ESSA online activity to the value of $30 and 1.5 CPD points every quarter and on your Birthday. These promo codes expire on 31 December 2023. Unused codes can be automatically applied to online activities in the cart by typing FREECODE into the promotional code field. If you have a promo code available this will be applied here. No refund will be provided if you purchase an online activity and still have unused promo codes.
  • To access the online activity, login to the learning management system, TopClass, after purchase. If you have difficulty finding the link, your TopClass account can be accessed here. Once you have logged in to your TopClass account you can access online activities from the ‘Go to your Learning Centre' tab. 
  • Your login to TopClass will be the same as your login to your ESSA Member account.
  • To earn the applicable ESSA CPD points, you must successfully complete the course, including the assessment, and click on 'Mark as Complete', within 60 days of registration. An 80% assessment pass mark is required.
  • Only the person who purchases the online activity is eligible to earn the applicable CPD points.
  • The ESSA TopClass User Guide can be downloaded here.
  • If you have any queries regarding online activities or TopClass, please contact [email protected] for assistance.


  • All accredited persons, regardless of any professional development completed/ attended must refer to their accreditation’s Scope of Practice/Standards, and only treat/practice within the same.
  • ESSA confirms that at the date of release, this professional development meets the requirements of the ESSA Continuing Professional Development Points Guidelines. The information contained in this professional development is of a general nature only, and while every effort and care has been taken to ensure that all representations are accurate as at the date of its release, ESSA accepts no legal liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of any information provided in this professional development.
  • ESSA recommends that its members seek appropriate independent professional advice specific to their particular purposes and circumstances (including the provision of medical advice to patients) before relying on it.

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