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ESSA Podcasts

CategoryTitleCPD Value
AddictionExercise Effects on Drug and Alcohol Disorders Podcast1.50EEDADP20
AddictionWorking With People Who Use Alcohol & Other Drugs Podcast1.50WPAODP20
Aged CareAge Care Update Podcast1.50ACUP20
Aged CareEngaging Older People in Physical Activity Podcast3.00EOPPAP20
Aged CareExercise With Blood Flow Restriction Podcast1.50EBFRP20
Athlete Wellness / MonitoringChanging Team Culture on Reporting & Monitoring Podcast1.50CTCRMP20
Athlete Wellness / MonitoringTravel in Elite Sport: Challenges and Solutions Podcast1.50TESP19
Behaviour ChangeCreating Conditions for Lasting Behaviour Change Podcast1.50CCLBCP20
BiogeneticsHow Our Genes Influence the Way We Respond To Ex Podcast1.50HOGIEP20
BusinessAdapted Physical Activity - A Practical Approach Podcast1.50APAPAP20
BusinessAsking the Right Questions Before Buying Technology Podcast1.50ARQP20
BusinessBusiness Mastery for Exercise Professionals Podcast1.50BMEPP20
BusinessClinical Vs Private Clientele Podcast1.50CVPCP20
BusinessFocusing on Your Career Outcome Podcast1.50FOYCP20
BusinessHard Chat Podcast1.50HCP20
BusinessHow To Build and Maintain Your Client Base Podcast3.00HBMCBP20
BusinessHow To Get Clients for Your Online Business Podcast1.50COPBP20
BusinessHow To Grow Your Clinic Podcast1.50HGCP20
BusinessManagement and Return To Performance of Groin Pain Podcast1.50GPFSAP20
BusinessMarketing Yourself Podcast1.50MYP20
BusinessMastering Leadership: How To Advocate, Influence... Podcast1.50MLAIP20
BusinessSelf-Promotion in the Exercise & Sports Science Industry Pod1.50SPESSIP20
BusinessWomen in Leadership Podcast1.50WILP20
BusinessYou Can Camera: Video Conference Calls Podcast1.50VCCP20
CancerExercise & Prostate Cancer: The Effects of ADT Podcast1.50EPCP20
CancerExercise and Cancer: Communication and Prescription Podcast1.50ECCPP20
CancerExercise and Ovarian Cancer: What Do We Know Podcast1.50EOCP20
CancerExercise During and After Cancer Treatment Podcast1.50EDACTP20
CancerExercise Medicine in Cancer Management Podcast1.50EMCMP20
CancerManagement of Fatigue After Cancer Treatment Podcast1.50MFACTP20
CancerPaediatric Oncology and Exercise Podcast1.50POEP20
CardiologyEffect of Exercise on Cardiac Structure and Function Podcast1.50ECSFP20
CardiovascularClinical Insights From the BP Response To Acute Ex Podcast1.50BPAEP20
CardiovascularEvidence for the Use of IRT To Manage Hypertension Podcast1.50IRTMHP20
CardiovascularEvidence for the Use of Resistance Training Podcast1.50ERTHFPPX20
CardiovascularExercise in Atrial Fibrillation Patients Podcast1.50EAFPP20
CardiovascularPeripheral Arterial Disease Impact on Gait Podcast1.50PADIGP20
CardiovascularPosition Stand Update: Exercise and Hypertension Podcast1.50PSUEHP20
CardiovascularPrescribing Ex To Improve Congenital Heart Disease Podcast1.50PECHDP20
Chronic ConditionsExercise for Chronic Kidney Disease Podcast1.50ECKDP20
Chronic ConditionsExercise for Patients With Peripheral Neuropathy Podcast1.50EPPNP20
Chronic ConditionsPreventing Dementia • Effects of Physical Exercise Podcast1.50DEPP20
Chronic ConditionsSystemic Lupus Erythematosus & Exercise Podcast1.50SLEEP20
Chronic ConditionsWorking With Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Clients Podcast1.50WMECUP20
Chronic DiseaseChronic Kidney Disease Podcast1.50CKDP20
Chronic PainExercise for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Podcast1.50ECMPP20
Chronic PainOsteoarthritis: a Role for Exercise Physiology Podcast1.50OREPP20
CommunityEngaging Rural and Remote Older Australians Podcast3.00ERROAP20
CommunityLocal Community and Volunteering and Engagement Podcast3.00LCVEP20
CommunityPromoting PA Health in the World’s Biggest Refugee Camp Pod1.50PPAHRCP20
DiabetesDiabetes Vascular Abnormalities and the Role of Exercise Pod1.50DVAREP20
DisabilitiesEx & PA Participation for Children W Disabilities Podcast1.50EPAPP20
DisabilitiesExercise and Cerebral Palsy Podcast1.50ECPP20
DisabilitiesHow To Onboard An NDIS Participant Podcast1.50NDISP20
DisabilitiesImproving Mobility in Individuals With Limb Loss Podcast1.50IMILLP20
DisabilitiesWorking With Individuals With Autism Podcast1.50WIASDP20
eHealthAssessment, Exercise and Engagement Podcast1.50AEEP20
eHealthDigital Health Tools Podcast1.50DHTXP20
eHealthExercise Prescription Over the Telephone Podcast1.50EPTP20
eHealthMy Health Record Podcast1.50MHRP20
EthicsDoing the Right Thing Podcast1.50DTRTP20
EthicsManaging Ethical Dilemmas in Clinical Practice Podcast1.50ECEPP20
Exercise PrescriptionExercise for Adults With Obesity Podcast1.50EFAWOP20
Exercise PrescriptionExercise for the Management of NAFLD Podcast1.50NAFLDP20
Exercise PrescriptionPelvic Floor Fitness, Function and More Podcast1.50PFFFMP20
Exercise PrescriptionPeriodised Progression for Clinical and Sub-clinical Podcast1.50PPCSCP20
Exercise PrescriptionPrescription of Pacing and Exercise for CFS Podcast1.50PPECFSP20
HEALHEAL Facilitator Training Course6.50HEALP20
Health and FitnessMaximising Health and Performance in Masters Athlete Podcast1.50MHPMAP20
InsuranceNote Taking & Consent Podcast1.50NTCP20
MarketingHelp! What Is Digital Marketing? Podcast1.50HWIDMP20
MarketingThe Private Practice Marketing Plan Podcast1.50TPPMPP20
MarketingUnderstanding Communication and Social Media Risks Podcast1.50UCSMRP20
Members ResourceAdvocacy for Exercise & Sport Science Workforce Podcast1.50AYMRP20
Members ResourcePlaying By the Rules Podcast1.50PBTRP20
Members ResourceProfessional Burnout: Compassion Fatigue Resource Podcast1.50PBCFP20
Members ResourceUnderstanding Scope of Practice Podcast1.50USOPP20
Mens HealthThe Pelvic Floor in Men Podcast1.50PFIMP20
Mental HealthDepression, Exercise and the AEP Podcast1.50DEAEPP20
Mental HealthPerspectives on Mental Illness Podcast1.50POMIP20
Mental HealthPhysical Activity and Psychosis Podcast1.50PAPP20
Mental HealthThe Mental Health of Athletes Res, Rat & Reco Podcast1.50MHARP20
MetabolicMetabolic Health Podcast1.50MHCHWPP20
MusculoskeletalAssessment & Exercise Management of the Rotator Cuff Podcast1.50AEMRCPX20
MusculoskeletalExercise for Osteoporosis, Sarcopenia and Falls Podcast1.50EOSFP20
MusculoskeletalManaging Gluteal Tendinopathy Podcast1.50MGTP20
MusculoskeletalMuscular Dystrophy and Exercise Podcast1.50MDEP20
MusculoskeletalNeurophysiological Research in the Treatment and Rehab Pod1.50NRTRMP20
MusculoskeletalNon-Specific Low Back Pain Podcast1.50NSLBPP20
MusculoskeletalReturn To Sport After ACL Reconstruction Podcast1.50RSACLP20
MusculoskeletalRheumatoid Arthritis: What You Know and Do MATTERS Podcast1.50RAP20
NeurologicalCommunity Exercise Following Spinal Cord Injury Podcast1.50CEFSCIP20
NeurologicalStroke Rehabilitation Podcast1.50SRP20
NeurologicalSupporting Exercise for People Living With Dementia Podcast1.50SEPLDP20
ObesityObesity and Lifestyle Management Strategies. Part 1 Podcast1.50OLMSOP20
ObesityObesity and Lifestyle Management Strategies. Part 2 Podcast1.50OLMSTP20
OtherBattle of the Sexes Podcast1.50BOSP20
OtherCareer Development & Soft Skills for Sport Scientist Podcast1.50CDSSP20
OtherConsiderations for Establishing a Spt Sci Business Podcast1.50CESSCBPP20
PaediatricsDepression and Anxiety in Children and Adolescents Podcast1.50DACAP20
PaediatricsEmpowering Parents To Promote Children's PA Podcast1.50EPP20
Physical ActivityGetting Australia Active: A Systems Approach To PA Podcast1.50GAAP20
Physical ActivityProvocations for Dance and Risky Play Podcast1.50DRPP20
Physical PreparationPara Sport - From Grassroots To Elite Performance Podcast1.50PSGEPP20
Physical PreparationTriathlon & Cycling Performance Podcast1.50TCPP20
PracticeMaking the Most of a Single Session CDM Referral Podcast1.50MMSSRP20
RecoveryConsiderations of Match Cycles on Fatigue... Podcast1.50CMCFPP20
RecoveryPhysiological Response To Post Exercise Hydrotherapy Podcast1.50PRPEHP20
RecoveryThe Role of Sleep Extension in Modulating Recovery Podcast1.50RSEMRP20
RecoveryThe Role of Sleep in Enhancing Performance & Recovery Pod1.50SEPRAP20
Sport ScienceBeating the Heat At the Tokyo Olympic Podcast1.50BHTOP20
Sports ScienceAthlete Mental Health Podcast1.50AMHP20
Sports ScienceBFR - The Multiple Applications of its Use Podcast1.50BFRP20
Sports ScienceDeveloping Culture Podcast1.50DCP20
Sports ScienceEcological Dynamics of Spin Bowling Podcast1.50EDSBP20
Sports ScienceEducating Female Athletes on the Menstrual Cycle Podcast1.50FAMCP20
Sports ScienceHamstring Strain Injury Prevention Podcast1.50HSIPP20
Sports ScienceImproving the Statistical Literacy of Sp Sci Podcast1.50ISLSSP20
Sports ScienceLeading in Sports Performance Podcast1.50LISPP20
Sports ScienceSci & Prac of Performance Monitoring in Team Sports Podcast1.50SPPMP20
Sports ScienceWhat Makes a High Performing Team Podcast1.50HPTP20
TechnologySmart Technology & Exercise Science: Hit or Miss Podcast1.50STESP20
Womens HealthConsiderations of the Female Athlete Podcast1.50COFAP20
Womens HealthDiastasis Recti - "Mind The Gap" Podcast1.50DRP20
Womens HealthExercise During Pregnancy and Post-partum Podcast1.50EDPPP20
Womens HealthExercise Therapy in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Podcast1.50EPCOSP20
Womens HealthExercise Treatment for Gestational Diabetes Podcast1.50WEPTGDP20
Womens HealthProlapse - An Exercise Approach Podcast1.50PAEAP20
Workplace Health & SafetyThe Health and Fitness of Paramedics Podcast1.50HFPP20